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Hi. I'm Steven Budden. Over the past 7 years, I've been working with clients to orchestrate dramatic life transformations within seemingly impossible timeframes, and my company, Budden,  has been establishing itself as a provocative and peerless change agent; the go-to for high achievers committed to dramatically enhancing the quality of their lives in the shortest timeframes possible. My unique past has evolved into strategies you won't find anywhere else. 

Since 2011, we've been delivering and refining life-altering experiences to select clients. These fortunate few get to experience an original 'life upgrade' process that is so effective, it rivals anything out there. While the mechanics are difficult to put into words, the results are tangible and real. 

After a series of awakening experiences culminated in a broken neck, I was inspired to create Budden Enterprises, a boutique consulting firm for solving some of life's most persistent riddles. 

I support clients who want to: 

  • expand their leadership
  • deepen intimacy and improve relationships
  • Discover and amplify natural talents 
  • reconnect to the body / emotions
  • feel more alive
  • market their services more authentically
  • heal broken hearts and bones (trauma) 
  • prime themselves for a life transition 
  • shatter creative blocks

The list goes on and on.  

Where most systems fail, this one succeeds. I call it the Bloom Model. It doesn't require willpower or any dedicated effort on the part of the client, per se. Life shifts occur organically in reaction to the process. This is one of the outstanding features of our work.

The second is the unparalleled guarantee. If you don't make dramatic progress, we refund your fee. Simple. 

Welcome to the beauty of what is possible. 

Welcome to Bloom. 


Steven Budden

PS. That is me with my daughter on my shoulders. She inspires all of it.