Over the past 7 years, Budden has been establishing itself as a provocative and peerless change agent; the go-to for high achievers committed to dramatically enhancing the quality of their lives in the shortest timeframes possible. 

Since 2011, we've been delivering and refining life-altering experiences to select clients. These fortunate few get to experience an original 'life upgrade' process that is so effective, it rivals anything out there. While the mechanics are difficult to put into words, the results are tangible and real. 

After a series of awakening experiences culminated in a broken neck, our founder was inspired to create Budden Enterprises, a boutique consulting firm for solving some of life's most persistent riddles. 

We help clients: 

  • attract love into their lives
  • rekindle stagnant relationships 
  • Amplify their natural talents 
  • reconnect to the body 
  • feel more alive 
  • heal broken hearts and bones (trauma) 
  • prime themselves for a life transition 
  • shatter creative blocks

The list goes on. 

A few extraordinary features set us apart from everyone else. First, our process doesn't require willpower or dedicated effort on the part of the client. Life shifts occur organically in reaction to the process. And second, we guarantee our work. 

Welcome to the beauty of the possible. 

Welcome to Bloom.