In 2005, I was walking down a beach with my father, and a woman ran by us, leaving footprints in her wake. When the next wave came in, it washed out the footprints, and I was awakened to another level of being. in 2008, I broke my neck in the same ocean, and when I crawled out of the water, Budden Enterprises was born. As I worked to heal this broken bone, I found that the thread ran much deeper than I ever imagined. So I began to discover and refine ways of unraveling core patterns, physical and emotional, and orchestrating awakening experiences. 

Since 2011, Budden Enterprises has been supporting extraordinary people in transcending their most chronic obstacles. A few of our areas of focus include relationship patterns, diseases, creative blocks, and physical or emotional trauma, leadership blockages. They all stem from the same root: unresolved past events. 

Steven Budden, Orchestrator of Dramatic Transformations

Steven Budden, Orchestrator of Dramatic Transformations

Confession: This process is not for the feint of heart. It is for those destined leaders that desire to go deep, to the marrow of life, and radically enhance their aliveness. It is for those that are willing lay down their suffering, and to ask the most potent questions. It is an exploration, and ultimately a celebration of what it means to be 'human.'  If you are looking for short cuts, bypasses, detours... turn away now. 

I orchestrate breakthroughs by combining radical, original somatic strategies with compassionate, focused conversations. I don't 'contribute' anything; I simply clear obstacles to the essence or the true self. I call this the Budden Process. The awakenings that occur can be considered spiritual experiences, though the results are always eminently practical. 

I work with a handful of clients..., leaders, executives, creatives, and entrepreneurs... mostly by referral. We work with the sole aim of exponentially enhancing the quality of life (and navigating ambitious life changes), within seemingly 'impossible' timeframes.

I've discovered that by using a certain quality of touch, or by making micro-adjustments to posture, fundamental life shifts occur in the client... life shifts so profound that they are rarely if ever touched through conversation alone, or meditation, or movement, or plant medicine... or anything. Lifetime patterns collapse, sometimes instantly; sometimes in layers.

I've been refining and testing these solutions for years, obsessively working to discover subtle and profound ways to enhance aliveness and increase effectiveness; to decrease the friction that slows the translation from intention into reality.

If a little healing or awakening happens along the way, there will be space for that, too.

Thank you for exploring your transformation. 

In truth,

Steven Budden, President

Budden Enterprises