Hi, I'm Steven Budden, author, life enhancement expert, and founder of Budden. I orchestrate dramatic breakthroughs for extraordinary people, within seemingly impossible timeframes. While others vaguely hope, try and fail, I guarantee results. They tell me I'm not supposed to. It's offensive to some people. I do it anyway. 

Here's my story... 

In 2005, I was walking down a Pacific beach with my father, and a woman ran by us, leaving footprints in her wake. When the next wave came in, it washed out the footprints, and I was 'awakened' to something which had always been there, and yet somehow I'd missed. I just don't know of a better word for it. This body of mine couldn't contain the experience, it was so foreign and intense. Pure joy trilling through a body that had been mired in semi-depression for decades.

In 2008, I was bodyboarding in the same ocean, when another wave swept in and slammed me into the ocean floor, fracturing my neck. Evidently, I needed another call to my purpose. When I crawled out of the water, shattered, Budden Enterprises was born, and I no longer believed in accidents. My faith in the body intelligence and its inherent ability to regenerate and heal was tested and crystallized.  

As I worked to heal the broken bone, I found that the thread ran deep; much deeper than I had ever dared to imagine. I stumbled into a truly holistic vision of life, and thus began to discover and refine radical ways to unravel lifetime patterns, and orchestrating awakening experiences like the ones I'd unwittingly tumbled into. 

I founded Budden Enterprises in 2011, as the vehicle for delivering all I know. While this process works on anything, some of the most exciting benefits are: freedom from relationship patterns, diseases, creative blocks, leadership challenges, communication problems, and emotional or physical trauma.  In the holistic view of the world, they all stem from the same roots: unresolved past events, which lead to a congested physical and energetic system. 

Steven Budden

While this process will produce dramatic results for those that are a match, it is not for the feint of heart. It exists solely for those that desire to go deep, to the marrow of life, and radically enhance their aliveness; for those that are willing lay down their suffering, and to ask the most potent questions. It is an exploration, and ultimately a celebration of what it means to be 'human.'  If you are looking for short cuts, bypasses, detours... look elsewhere. 

I use radical strategies that you won't find anywhere else, literally. I become a fearless companion through difficult or impossible transitions. It's unfair, in a sense, because competition doesn't exist for this process. I don't 'contribute' anything; I don't claim to be somehow better or more complete; I simply know how to clear obstacles to the true self. Somehow I've always known how to do that. The awakenings that occur on one level may be considered spiritual experiences, though the results are always eminently practical and often measurable. Sometimes, it will take someone you love making a remark about how different you appear to them, or how much you've evolved. 

I don't simply orchestrate dramatic breakthroughs; I orchestrate them within seemingly impossible timeframes. 

After all, life waits for no one. 

I've been refining and testing these solutions over the years. Your patterns... they don't stand a chance. 

Steven Budden, Founder

Budden Enterprises - Life, irreversibly altered, guaranteed. (Your impossibles, delivered. Since 2011)