Broken-hearted, penniless, exhausted, and sick, I nearly gave up the ghost... twice. Life had other plans. At what seemed like the most inopportune moment, I was 'enlightened' on a beach in Northern California. A woman was running along the beach where my father and I were walking, and as a Pacific wave washed out her footprints, I experienced a completeness I've never known. The year was 2005. 

I didn't know how to contain the experience, it was so foreign... so intense. Pure joy trilling through a body that had been mired in semi-depression for decades. I was truly free in the moment, and I've never forgotten the visceral reality of that freedom. 

Some years later, I'd slowly descended into painful patterns again. I was mired in a painful relationship; suffering health issues. Evidently, I needed another 'awakening.' 

It came in another wave. This time I was drifting out in the Pacific ocean, when a massive wave curled in and  hurtled me head-first against the ocean floor, breaking my neck. When I crawled out of the water, Budden Enterprises was born, and I no longer believed in accidents. As I worked to heal the bone, I found that the thread ran deep; much deeper than I had ever dared to imagine. I saw the body as the gateway to the deepest healing, and everything else began to fall into place. 

I began an profound exploration of healing. My mind caught fire and I read everything I could find. I began an apprenticeship with a diverse assortment of eccentric and powerful healers. I learned to heal through touch, as well as conversation and dietary cleansing. 

I'm Steven Budden, author, entrepreneur, life enhancement expert. Since 2011 I've been ushering people out of their most crushing patterns and into beautiful lives. Your chronic patterns (physical, mental, emotional) are all manifestations of the same phenomenon; something about the past is incomplete. 

During the course of our work together, you'll experience freedom from lifetime patterns, a deeper experience of aliveness, more love, more passion, more fulfilling relationships, greater embodiment, and often an 'awakening' experience not dissimilar to my own. When the real self rises to the surface, lifetime patterns can fall away effortlessly, in an instant or in layers. 

Steven Budden

While this process will produce dramatic results for those that qualify, it is not for the feint of heart. It is for those that desire to go deep, into the marrow of life, lay down their suffering, and take up their dreams. It is an exploration, and ultimately a celebration of what it means to be 'human.'  

I use radical strategies that don't exist anywhere else, to create staggering results for clients. I become a fearless companion when you need one most. I don't claim to be somehow superior to others; I've simply stumbled upon strategies to clear any obstacles to what is real. The openings that occur may be considered spiritual experiences, though the results are always tangible, practical, and undeniable. 

Your patterns... they don't stand a chance.  Unleash yourself upon the world.

It all starts with a conversation. Schedule yours here. 


Steven Budden

Founder, Budden Enterprises

PS. I recently relocated from the Bay Area, California, to Sarasota, Florida.