A Few Hours Later... A Better Life.

We love making outrageous promises, and then keeping them. 

Transcend your most persistent, chronic patterns within the shortest timeframes possible. 

Using an radical strategy that gets to the root and can clear lifetime patterns within hours together.  

Most approaches offer extremely limited results, or fail to deliver entirely. I'll show you how this is different. 

Steven Budden - Present, Budden Enterprises

I'm Steven Budden, founder of Budden Enterprises, home of the most effective strategy in the world for breaking free of the past and thriving... Bloom

My personal desire for you is that you fully embody your destiny. 

No small feat, I know. No small promise. And yet, you being here means you are already en route. We simply need to clear whatever is in the way. 

Whatever is in the way, whether it be a chronic love pattern, a disease, a creative block, an emotional pattern (anxiety, depression), the list goes on. 

This system is designed to solve the riddles that have plagued you. 

Origins. I was walking along a beach...

I'll explain exactly how this works, but first... a little context. 

A few experiences in my life color everything we do:

A. In 2005, I was walking along a beach with my father, and upon witnessing a wave wash out a woman's footprints, I was awakened to another layer of reality, where nothing was lacking in the moment. Many have experienced a similar experience. It has never left my side, and yet it was too incomprehensible to live by at the time. 

B. In 2008, I got the second jolt. I broke my neck in the ocean, and through working to heal that, using touch and manipulation, I discovered ways to facilitate not only healing, but in the process to orchestrate awarenesses that were similar to A above. Hence, I became an accidental alchemist of hearts and bones. 

The first company I founded focused exclusively on trauma and disease, with a outstanding 95% success rate, meaning clients met their objectives within our set timeframe 95% of the time. However, through hundreds of sessions, I saw that my favorite piece of the work was orchestrating these ineffable awakening experiences, unwinding love patterns, and redefining / retelling the life story to create more space for aliveness and vitality. The other components (disease, trauma, emotionall and physical pain) resolved themselves naturally. And so Budden Enterprises was born. 

6 Staggering Client Results after just Hours of Bloom.

1. She was struggling to forgive her former partner. As we worked on the issue, somatic memories of her earliest sexual memories arose, and they were traumatic, though she'd never considered them in that light. As we processed and cleared the memory, her body shed a layer of armor. She was projecting mistrust from her earliest encounter on every man she met.  Bloom Outcome: she met a man that honored her during our work together, and made embodied love 'for the first time in her life' (with complete awareness of her body). Timeline: Breakthrough after 12 hours of Bloom. 

2. She struggled with an eating disorder for decades. After working physically on her viscera, while bringing awareness to the emptiness, we were able to touch upon the root of the issue, which years of therapy had missed. Bloom Outcome: Conquest of the issue. She wrote us in tears, saying that she pushed an unfinished plate of food away for the first time in her life. Timeline: Breakthrough after 6 hours of Bloom. 

3. She was caught halfway in a relationship for 5 years, languishing in uncertainty, with a man who was deeply in love with her, and willing to co-parent her daughter. She could not commit, however hard she tried. As we worked on her shoulder, she realized that her father used to help her cross the street when she was a toddler, and he pulled her by that arm. He'd passed away and she'd never mourned. As we pulled the shoulder, a flood of tears. Bloom Outcome: Marriage within a few months of session. Happiness previously unknown. Timeline: Breakthrough after 2 hours of Bloom. 

4. 9 years after her divorce, she was bitter and angry and, most disappointingly (to her), still single. We cleared pain, anguish, frustration from the belly and pelvic bones. Her body had tightened up, in response to her former husband, and it had yet to soften. The belly and the heart are linked. Bloom Outcome: Met her 'soul mate' in the month following our previous session. Timeline: Breakthrough after 12 hours of Bloom. 

5. She was mired in an unfulfilling job, hooked by the salary, with little time or energy to engage her creative side, and start her dream business... selling her custom clothing. Bloom Outcome: Launched her business and sold her first pieces within a few months. Timeline: Breakthrough after 6 hours of Bloom. 

6. She was suffering a string of painful illnesses, in an unfulfilling marriage. She'd learned, since childhood, that illness was the only way she could get the love and attention she craved. We surfaced and eroded this story through postural adjustment and deep inquiry. Her husband called us, and said, I walked into the dining room and saw her at the table... I didn't even recognize her. He eyes were bright. What did you do to her, and can you do it to me? Bloom Outcome: Marriage suffused with new life. They have a baby now, and she is free of the mystery illnesses. Timeline: Breakthrough after 6 hours of Bloom. 

These types of issues are symptoms of being bound up in the past. The solution: don't focus on the symptoms... break the bonds.

We use compassionate conversation, postural adjustment, breath, physical manipulation, and touch, to clear blockages from the body and mind in the shortest timeframes possible. Over the course of just a few meetings, the foundation stories upon which you've built your life will begin to dissolve and move, and life will shift accordingly. 

A simple promise. 

Through Bloom, you'll experience a level of freedom you've never experienced before. Guaranteed. Or we have to refund your fee. 

Because our entire enterprise depends upon the reality of what we deliver. 

Our question is not whether this works. It has been proven time and time. Regardless, we want to give you the opportunity to test it on your own life at a low risk. 

The experience of this freedom deepens the life experience going forward like nothing else. It deepens relationships profoundly. 


We hesitate to use the word, because it is overused. Still, it is the only word. We use it outside of all traditions, as an experiential concept. 

We have noticed, working with countless clients, repeated epiphanies arising again and again. Epiphanies about the nature of consciousness, pain and pleasure, life force energy, love, patterns, consequence. We will literally move down this list, and check off those epiphanies as they arise in you. Each are layers of awakening, or enlightenment.

We can't guarantee ceaseless enlightenment as a permanent state, because that ultimately depends more upon you than upon us. But we can guarantee getting you a visceral experience of it, so that it becomes a reality upon which you can create lay out your future. 

We firmly believe that if everyone on earth could experience what we will show you, the world would be a different place.

We are all connected in subtle and profound ways. I know many writers speak about this, and few have experienced it, and if they have, few know how to orchestrate the experience for others. We do.

A client was in tears when a memory arose of the pain he was carrying for his grandmother, who had died in a fire rescuing his father. We weren't going into the meeting with the intention of that, as he was completely unaware of it. It had just manifested as a tightening of the viscera... an inability to express emotion. Once it cleared, he was free. Emotions were able to flow. To illustrate how profound this process is, a few days later his sister sent him a photo she found of this exact grandmother, black and white, tattered and repaired. He'd never seen her before, except in his mind. The loop was resolving itself, and if he hadn't engaged the exploration we undertook, he may have been scattering his energy in all sorts of directions, without really finding the underlying cause, let alone resolving it, wasting precious time and resources. Bloom Outcome: Deepening of Partnership, increase of trust, clarity around career. Timeline: Breakthrough after 12 hours of Bloom. 


We are purists in our approach.

We don't require complicated gadgets, or an endless list of supplements, or complex profiling systems. We show up and use the environment, our bodies and our voices as our primary tools. We've done consults on beaches and in parks, though ideally a private, quiet space works best. 

We want to demonstrate that your transformation is not contingent on approaches, things, or places... (though some marketers would have you think it did). It is simply a process of setting down what no longer serves. 

The beauty of Bloom is that it doesn't matter where your struggle is. It shifts your level of being, so that the world transforms around you. There are no types or personality profiles we rely on. We work with human beings, on the fundamentals, for dramatic growth and evolution. Simple. 

Old Wounds.

Bloom is more effective than any other approach for resolving trauma, and when we say trauma, know that we use the word liberally. 

We all carry old wounds (emotional and physical), and this is not only an invitation, but an opportunity to set those down.

If only a fragment of your awareness, or a seemingly insignificant piece of you (your small toe) remains in the past, this can diminish your effectiveness by 10 times or more. 

The in-person work includes informed touch and compassionate conversation, including a Bloom holistic postural analysis, facial assessment, and often some work on the floor, releasing what no longer serves. Because clients are scattered all over the country and the world, we do what we must to orchestrate this unfolding, including traveling where needed. 

This work is about freedom. Freedom to be what you came here to be, and to do what you're destined to do. Freedom to love and be loved. Freedom.

Are you ready for a radical transformation? I ask this question sincerely. No matter where you are, what you've done, life will change dramatically. Guaranteed.

As you are perhaps sensing, the process is profoundly effective, and it will contain uncomfortable moments. We will support you in remaining within those long enough to find the learning, and then moving forward completely, without the need to recreating patterns in the coming hours, weeks, or years. We've developed a system to do just this, which we we're proud to say is the most effective in the world. 

The sole aim of everything we do is radical life enhancement. 

While there may be discomfort in the delivery, the rewards are priceless.

While we'll work on a custom set of objectives, unique to you, we'll also be open to what shows up, and support you during any potentially difficult integration periods. Sometimes enhancing aliveness shows up in mysterious, surprising, startling ways... ways that are often far richer and more beautiful than what we had imagined. 

If this sounds like a fit for you, the details are below. If not, please move forward and enjoy your epic life. 


  • For consulting work, we only work with men and women who are over the age of 35. The work, as we deliver it, makes the most sense to this demographic. (The Bloom Group Work, on the other hand, is for adults of all ages). 

  • If you're not ready for life to shift, don't apply. This system is for those who desire to transform their most basic patterns in short timeframes. Its not my job to convince you about why you need to make the changes you need to make; I simply support in the process, once the decision has been made. Once we begin the process, life will shift. Guaranteed. 
  • We prefer that when you embark on this journey, you do so without the addition of other modalities, at least at the onset. Other systems often confuse the message, and it can be difficult to attribute the changes you experience to this system if you embark on 5 other things at once. 
  • Because of the intense nature of this work, and the priceless rewards, significant fees apply. If you are not willing or able to invest in yourself at this time, please don't apply. The rewards are priceless, and we offer tiered opportunities to test them without risk. 
  • This is not a magic bullet, or a short cut. Again, this is the most direct path you will find. A few months of this work can be the equivalent of years of meditation, the growth that slowly comes by falling in and out of countless unfulfilling relationships, decades of therapy. However, it does not bypass anything. It still requires objectively seeing your own life, and processing emotions, etc. 
  • This work will supercharge your results. For this reason, I am passionate about delivering it to leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs that are working to have a positive impact on the world at large. If we are not aligned on the front, please do not apply. Religious, spiritual, political beliefs are irrelevant to this process. 
  • And lastly, please don't apply on behalf of anyone else. We are each responsible for our own journeys, and this requires taking the requisite steps you need to take, in this case, an evolutionary leap. 

What's Next. 

The next chapter of your life. 

We're going to help you get there. We just need a few more clues. All we know now is: something in your life isn't working like you know it could. That's our purpose and our passion: to get you from where you are, to where you need to be, in the shortest timeframes possible. 

Now, isn't that be beautiful?

Welcome to Bloom.

Steven Budden, President


Budden Enterprises