Most people don't actually want to heal.


You know, most people don’t actually want to heal. They are enamored of their wounds, hold them tenderly and gaze down at them lovingly. 

It can be a startling but liberating realization. Because allowing someone to cradle their wounds, for as long as they choose to, is loving unconditionally. It doesn’t mean you have to associate with them, necessarily, when they launch into a familiar song. It just means, we can now look at them knowing that their wound has become like their child. We can’t separate them from a bond that strong until the time is right. As of now, they wouldn’t even know how to conceive of life without it. It’s like a magical totem. It offers protection from falling in love, and all of the perils that might accompany that, or it offers a reason to stay in a relationship, without needing to brave the unknown. It becomes  evidence that supports a fear based worldview. It’s a shapeshifter, this wound… it becomes anything it needs to be. 

Those who identify intimately with their wound may go through strategies merely to feed the story that they are ‘working on themselves.’ That becomes part of the identity too. Perhaps they vaguely nod toward systems or modalities without a full commitment, or endlessly repeat programs that have only been minimally effective. 

If you ask them, are you ready to put this wound down, they may not be able to give a full yes right away. Until you get the full yes, the healing is not fully possible. The full yes will likely come with tears and trembling. 

There are paths out of the wound, always. Perhaps they’ve been fiercely guarded over the course of history, but they’ve been discovered and rediscovered time and time again. They’re here, now, waiting for you. 

All treatments are detrimental in the long term. Resolve now to lean out of treating diseases and turn your energy toward healing. 

The best way to inspire someone to set down their wound, is to set down our own. I loved you and I set you free. Set down that cherished wound and dare to imagine living into a new story. 

Love and flow,