Some Reflections on Healing old Wounds Somatically


During this Bloom work, you'll feel pieces of yourself for the first time.

Who touches the inside crest of the pelvis, or the ribs alongside the torso, or the point just under the collar bone? To feel a physical place for the first time, is to feel a place in the psyche that had been in shadow. To feel fully it is to reconnect to it, and to complete a loop, freeing the body and mind from whatever pattern has been arrested there.

Sometimes, as we open up these channels, clients feel a limb for the first time, or an organ, or the blood flowing through their heart... but of course, that is not the object. The object is to experience wholeness and completeness. We cannot experience this, or anything, unless it resonates with the body. Being fractured bodily manifests as being fractured psychically.

I'm reminded of this Marion Woodward quote, that I stumbled upon in moment of doubt, and it inspired me to push on...

“It’s the therapist’s job to find the client’s soul, and love it! That’s all I’m really interested in, to tell you the truth. I believe that love is the healer, and I believe that you have to see with your third eye, and hear with your inner ear in order to find the soul, because it is so stricken. It’s so stricken by oppression that it fears to come out.

People are so used to performing to obtain approval that their soul is buried. They have a feeling that their soul is unlovable- “I’m unlovable,” they say- and therefore they have to keep it out of sight, buried deep within themselves. They’ll even come in and say “Marion, I have a really good dream for you today!” See- the ego is still trying to please: “For you.” Projecting. Everything is projected out. Somebody out there is going to recognize me, says the ego.

People say that their parents abandoned them and that is the source of their problems. The fact is, we abandon ourselves. (If we have been abandoned by our parents, we learn our lesson well, and we abandon ourselves.) The task of the analyst is to find out when the betrayal, the abandonment, occurred. At that point, something split the body from the psyche.

A trauma is an arrested action. At the point where it ego should go through into action, it steps. It falls into unconsciousness- it disappears, as it does in dreams- it goes into another room. In dreams, keep watching to see who betrayed the soul. That trauma is re-enacted again and again and again. Until you can move through that trauma you are stuck. Stuck in the birth canal. Original stuck. (Some people are stuck at birth, and their bodies are carrying a psychotic corner, a place where the rejected psyche is buried.) When you move into bodywork, you find where the psyche is."


It's the time now, to discover where we are 'stuck', and commit radically to breaking free. It's the time now because symptoms are mounting, and these are the sacred messages passing through the body. You can begin to decipher them like a shaman reads the animal and earth totems. And then, life is radically enhanced.

One thing I'm certain of, is that there are no shortcuts in healing, and we are each walking on our own paths. As soon as we stop looking for shortcuts, or ways to bypass the pain, great healing becomes available.

And when I say that there are no short cuts, please don't lose heart, because there are certainly direct paths, and finding those requires trusting yourself, and the life force flowing through you, which is always aching to heal you.

In truth,

Steven Budden


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