Nourishment for Enhanced Performance

It makes no sense to say 'I eat well compared to those around me.' We need to eat well enough so that vitality becomes first a possibility, and then a reality. Sometimes this means pristine eating for a number of months or years. What is 'pristine eating'? Fruit and herbs. 

We need to support our body intelligence in clearing out the system, resetting, and eventually rebuilding the body. During this process, you are dismantling the old, and building up a better, more functional YOU. If you are riddled with emotional or physical symptoms, the diet needs to shift. 

Shifting to a fruit based diet is the most direct path to greater vitality and enhanced quality of life. In driving toward your peak, nourishment becomes critical. Otherwise, you are perpetually grinding against your own design. 

How nourished are you? 

In truth, 

Steven Budden

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