Your Body Remembers

Once, I helped a woman heal her leg, which had been aching steadily since she was a toddler.  As I touched it, she spontaneously recalled seeing a little boy get hit by a car and die. In the memory, the boy was struck in the leg by a car, and flung to the pavement like rag doll. This woman, who was in her forties when I met her, shuddered and convulsed as she remembered seeing this. Tears rolled as I watched the breath stop and start. And then, a 'miraculous' thing happened... the pain lifted for the first time. It was gone. (The release of the past often comes with tears and a shudder). 

I tell you this so that you know: even witnessing violence can injure you. It can injure your soul and it can injure your body. The cells remember everything; they are like the wide eyes of a child; so deliriously hungry for life. 

If there are secrets in you, you carry them at great cost. Continually strive to make what is unconscious, conscious; to bring light to the darkness. 

It's important to clear these types of knots, if you want to perform at full capacity, or love fully, or meet life with your whole body. Otherwise, the parts of you in the present will be missing the parts of you that are languishing in the past.  And this will show up an inexplicable feeling of 'incompleteness.' 

In truth,

Steven Budden

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