Awakening Belongs to the People (coopting realities)

Organizations immediately move to co-opt everything real, profound, and quintessential to the human experience. As an example, direct experiences of awakening and oneness have been coopted by religions. These experiences of the purest freedom are then used to control. This is the supreme irony. 

Or consider the street art in the eighties, an expression of the destitute; the outsiders, being coopted and sold in the most expensive New York Galleries, while the artists became superstars (and usually crashed and burned). Countless artists follow this path.

Are there ways to resist? Ad Reinhardt had an interesting concept. Create only black paintings, that could not be reproduced. Bob Dylan changed his style countless times, as soon as the system tried to own him. 

Guidelines for Resistance.

  • Create things that cannot be coopted. 
  • Release your attachment to creations, so that when they are coopted, you have already moved on to your next creation. 
  • Stay in the dance with what is meaningful and real. The coopted reality requires much facade. What is beneath the surface cannot be scaled. 
  • Resist becoming a quantifiable commodity, by replacing digital experiences with real ones. 
  • Remain in touch with your intuition, via the body senses, so you can discern between the surface and the real. 
  • Reclaim your voice and your body (much of the Budden Process is about this)

Even 'awakening', which exists outside of any paradigm, has been coopted by various religions. And yet people all over the world touch on varied states of awakening daily. Usually, the experience is simplified and diluted by relating it to religious language. Jesus came to me. Or Moses, or Ra, or God. 

One does not need to live in a cave, or reach the fullest expression of an awakened being before experiencing awakening and sharing the ineffable experience. Even attempting to share it creates a culture around it. I realize it is a slippery slope, because words fall so far short of the reality of the experience, which trumps all other realities. We try anyway. 

The awakening experiences of individuals further the evolution of the human race, by creating a clearing for the future, and by anchoring in superior states of being.

Religious ideas may erode it the evolution of the human race, if they are based upon blindly following others who themselves are blindly following others. 

Ignore sparkly objects. Follow the light.

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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