Orchestrating Breakthroughs (part 1)

It is a profound experience to realize that everything you thought you knew was... if not wrong... incomplete. It is also exciting, because it becomes the clearing upon which new realities can be built. 

It is a profound experience to realize that what you thought were your issues were not actually your issues at all, and you'd been directing your earnest efforts in the wrong direction. Once you realize this, the path toward your fullest expression becomes much shorter. 

It is profound to turn and face your own consciousness, and to witness the power and wisdom that remains untarnished, complete, and holy, even through the most difficult times. We distance ourselves from our essence, but it never distances itself from us. 

It is profound to realize that most of our obstacles and impediments are either imagined or self imposed. Setting those down, by conscious choice, is like taking a breath of fresh air. What was impossible yesterday, suddenly becomes possible. 

We often fear that we will vanish without our patterns and our rigid belief systems. But I can tell you with certainty what happens when a belief system collapses... life force rushes in like a torrent. The personality falls away and the essence surfaces. 

My life's work is to orchestrate realizations like the ones above. I've found that they are most effectively facilitated via demonstrations, using the client's body as the 'field of awareness.' It becomes a conversation between the person and their essence, with the body acting as a sort of bridge. In this arena, the pathway opens, and the possibilities become almost endless. 

I use a dandelion as the logo. What remains after the shattering? 

You can create or own orchestrations like these as well. All it takes is knowing the mechanisms of the client well. You, as the one who knows you best... how would you do this? 

In truth,

Steven Budden

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