Somatic Truth: When you Adjust even a Single Toe, The World Changes

When I say that I 'orchestrate breakthroughs', the word 'orchestrate,' which could have vast implications for some, includes even the most minute adjustments. Orchestrating a breakthrough could involve adjusting a client's baby toe... and suddenly their whole worldview changes. It is not me... I just make available the experience of the body (and teh self) without the distortion; in this case, the kinked toe, and the rest falls into place. 

I can't tell you how many times I've adjusted a client's foot, and a dramatic life shift has followed. Because to adjust a part, means to move the pieces of the whole. You cannot consciously experience the adjustment of a toe, without adjusting the relationship to a parent, or a partner, or a disease, or a communication pattern. You cannot clear a distortion without the origin of the distortion surfacing (the emotional or physical trauma or whatever it is (was)).  To move the toe, adjusts the foot, which rotates the knee, which opens the hip, which engages the Iliopsoas and abdominal muscles (where we carry our core emotional baggage). And then the spine regains its natural curve, and the nerves open, and the viscera unwinds, and the heart opens, and the head has no choice but to adjust to the foundational shifts.

This is how intimately connected it all is. 

When you adjust a toe, the entire body moves. When the body moves, the soul moves. When the soul moves, other souls move; enterprises transform; cultures evolve; the world changes. 

Ergo, when you adjust a toe, the world changes. 

A client recently wrote me that I helped her discover the patterns that were hiding in every corner of her being; in her ribs, in her arms, in her toes, and in her eyes. Simply noticing these patterns of congestion, allowed her to complete what was incomplete, and shift her most chronic lifetime patterns. She'd been terrified of speaking and soon began giving public lectures. She was worried about her successful medicine practice failing, and she began expanding it exponentially. She met a man after years alone. 

We weren't working on any of these issues specifically. We never are. We are simply working on clearing that which no longer serves. It can seem like a virtual panacea, when things begin to fall into place so effortlessly. 

I founded Budden Enterprises when I realized that this work is most profound and effective when delivered, with intention, from one body to another, in private meetings; in hushed, varied tones. It's like playing a cello in a small room, versus playing an electric guitar to a crowded colosseum. 

I currently am employed in disseminating the message of embodiment to the masses, but I see my primary work as demonstrating it (and the accompanying layers of awakening) to a select few, so that they may spread it far and wide, like wildfire... like the dandelion.  

In truth,

Steven Budden 

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