The process ripples out into your whole life

The deeper the work... and by that I mean, the more thorough the excavation process, the broader its scope. Powerful practitioners can really jostle things loose, sometimes to such a degree that life becomes barely recognizable. If you work the body into the process, this can all happen in seemingly 'impossible timeframes.'

Of course, total discombobulation is not the object. Skilled facilitators can balance the uprooting with predictability, and sustainability. Otherwise there is the chance that a person immediately gropes back for their old ways. At least they're... familiar.

Uproot the weeds; plant new flowers; nourish those flowers. 

The process ripples out

Think of it as pulling the thread of the sweater. Once you've pulled to a certain point, you can't go back... the sweater begins to unravel. Soon you'll be completely naked... the world around is a different place when you're naked. Suddenly, concerns change; points of focus change; priorities change. 

I encourage you to watch what happens beforeduring and after we interact and engage in a deep, focused inquiry. (Reading this is an engagement). Does your partner call to praise you, or does your client ream you, or does your friend blow you off, or does the financial shit hit the fan? These all mean something, and must be interpreted contextually, in light of your patterns, the work, your history, etc. What needs to be worked on will surface, in one way or another. 

A helpful question to ask is: what could this be directing me to? (This is complex and I'll cover it in other posts). 

We are meant to get lost in this lifetime, time and time again. To touch down upon the earth means to become a wanderer. It is written across the stars. Fortunately, the stars also function as a map and guidance system. No riddle exists that isn't paired with its solution. No illness exists that we are not equipped to heal. The two exist as one.

In every moment, many clues present themselves. As you notice them, other layers are revealed. Life deepens. 

Every moment is a chance to make another choice about what that moment (and life) means. 

What do you choose right now?  

In truth,

Steven Budden

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