Leave your comfort zones: Evolve faster

The more willing you are to travel outside of the familiar, comfortable patterns, the faster you will evolve.

I want to make a distinction here that's important. Cutting off from your body and launching outside of your comfort zones does not contribute to advancement; it adds trauma to the body system, which will need to be cleared out eventually.

Leaning out of comfort zones consciously, by degrees, while remaining in touch with the body, is one of the most direct paths to personal evolution. 

I provide this to clients in part through physical touch that is uncomfortable. As soon as I touch into a 'painful' place in the body, I immediately know a lot more about the client's entire history... Have they turned away, or disconnected? Have they protested loudly, or suffered in silence? Have they experienced the full spectrum of sensations, or have they lumped a whole constellation of sensations into simple labels like 'pain' and 'pleasure.' 

We even become comfortable using language, which becomes a limitation when we apply that to our emotional vocabulary. If we tend to use 5 words to discuss our entire life experience, it's like an artist painting with only a few colors. It's going to limit what you FEEL. (Tony Robbins has spoken about this well).

For those locked into the familiar, I suggest giving up some comfortable addictions. Sleep on the floor when you're accustomed to your soft bed. Slip outside into the cold when you want to be warm and cozy. Instead of coffee, try juice. Take a cold shower. Fast when you would otherwise eat. When someone asks how you are feeling, use a word you've never used before. I feel ecstatic, jubilant, rhapsodic. Watch how this changes the expression of the person you're conversing with. You've just broken the pattern of 2 people at once, changed the trajectory of the day, and possibly the life. 

I bring this up because I've noticed that the clients that are ready and willing to leave their comfort zones experience dramatic results. Those that are hesitant or even obdurate about remaining nestled in experience minimal results. It's a simple equation, isn't it? 

Gurdjieff used to advise his vegetarian students to eat meat, and his carnivorous students to abstain. Talk about throwing an entire belief systems into chaos. (I can only imagine the rebellion that ensued). And remember that Gurjieff's entire modus operandi was to bring people out of mass hypnosis so that they could think for themselves and achieve 'higher states of being.'

If your body and mind are caught in familiar grooves that are no longer serving, break out of them by using what is unfamiliar. Soon, new grooves will be formed. You've rewired yourself. What you thought you were before no longer applies. 

In other words, dance in the ways you've never danced before. Breathe into the places you've never breathed before. Sing the songs you've never sung before. 

Live is unraveling and it's epic, because what you thought was chaos is really the dawn of the rapture. 

In truth,

Steven Budden

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