How Judgmental Thoughts Hamper Conscious Development (and embodiment)

We need to be careful about using word 'embodiment' as a sort of virtue or possession. Judgments decrease consciousness, because they require a less expansive worldview, and they decrease embodiment, which is linked to consciousness. Judgments put us in our head, and take us out of our body. We stand firmly in our 'position', and lose out on what is around us. 

For instance, if we go around saying that person is embodied and that person is not, that is a false duality, and it is defeating our own purpose (if our purpose is conscious personal and professional evolution).

We are all where we are on our journey. Someone might be far ahead of us, and way may not know it. They may seem less embodied, but perhaps they've already done a tremendous amount of work on themselves. Perhaps they grew up in a war torn country, or an orphanage, or an abuse family, and compared to us, their strides toward wholeness have been much greater. 

People wonder whether they are doing 'the process' right. This is where we need to watch where the mind chatter chimes in. Mental chatter dies in the process of embodiment. I see it happen constantly. The head becomes detached from the body, and afraid of going there, because to engage the body consciousness, to trust it, means using the head less. Perhaps the ego is afraid of this, because it thinks it will dissolve entirely and fall out of favor. 

So the mind will rebel tooth and nail against embodiment. Right when we drop into the body, the mental chatter will chime: 'are you really in touch? Is this real? Is any of this real? Will this last? You're deluding yourself. He's deluding you. Tomorrow you'll be exactly as you were... perhaps worse, because you're carrying the weight of this delusion now. This practitioner is pulling the wool over your eyes. Don't indulge in wishful thinking... it's childish.' Etc etc, ad nauseum. 

Thank the mind chatter for sharing, and remain in the dance. It is just beginning. You'll see, without a doubt, that the mind chatter requires disconnection from the body to survive. This is why embodiment is in someways a remedy for excessive mind chatter.

The mind chatter is one of the ego's desperate attempts to hold together the delicate fragments of what we perceive to be 'ourselves.' In other words, our personality. Instead, I propose we shift away from the personality, and lean into our self-hood, our essence.

When that shift happens, you gradually become immune to the law of accidents, and can finally take ownership of your own life. 

As Carl Rogers put it:

“I am less and less a creature of influences in myself which operate beyond my ken in the realms of the unconscious. I am increasingly an architect of self. I am free to will and choose. I can, through accepting my individuality, my ‘isness,’ become more of my uniqueness, more of my potentiality.”

As the architect of self, what would you create? 

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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