Evolve and let others Evolve (no two paths are alike)

Personal evolution is an interesting conundrum, because what is edifying for one is detrimental to another. We cannot know another's path; we don't know their past and we cannot estimate their future. 

For instance, to take the past life analogy, if one was a successful merchant in a past life, it may make sense for them to become a monk now: if they were a monk then, the merchant now may make sense. If someone struggles with commitment, monogamy may be the most direct path to evolution; if they struggle with expression or living outside of paradigms, it may be polyamory. What is considered a sin in one religion may be meritorious in another. The concept of beauty is subjective, but the appreciation of beauty is universal. 

The point is to broaden life experience, while attaining mastery around chosen lessons. 

Walk your path; discover your lessons; transcend your wounds. Regather the pieces of yourself that you've left scattered in the past, and put them back on the road. When you slip into judgment, consider that all of these roads may be leading to the same place.

If you're glaring at someone else because their path appears different, you may miss that beautiful flower blooming on the roadside. If your chest is constricted, how are you going to catch this next breath? 

In truth,

Steven Budden

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