Any personality is a false personality.

The masks the Greek dramatists wore were called Personae. The word 'personality' comes from the Greek Per (through) and Sona (sound). The masks were built with amplifying devices around the mouth, to amplify the speaker's voice so that the crowd could hear.

This word 'personality' has clung to us, and come to mean something else entirely. We take it to be something that represents us. In actuality, it is still the mask we present to the world, which often speaks louder than our essence. 

Remove the armor. Drop the mask. Show us your true face; let us hear your real voice... the one that arises out of your core. We want to hear your music, see your dance, and watch you move mountains with a whisper. 

We've been waiting for you for a long time, but forever doesn't exist while the mask is on. 

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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