Radically Enhancing Aliveness


In a world that is primarily concerned with doing, and having, I propose we turn our focus to being, and enhancing the very function of aliveness itself, so that every area of life is enriched, and life becomes fulfilling. 

As radically enhancing aliveness has become a core theme lately, for clients and for myself, I thought I would talk a little more about what that means.

What is aliveness, how is it enhanced, and what constitutes a radical enhancement? 

Aliveness and the 'feeling of 'aliveness' are the same function. If you feel more life, you are more alive. Period. This is why, though pain is intense, it can enlivening.

In the somatic sense, I see aliveness as the awareness of consciousness within the system, via sensations and emotions.

Ergo, heightening the awareness of sensations and emotions enhances aliveness. 

Aliveness could also be translated as vitality... that is, a surplus of energy from which to love, lead, act, and create. In the process of elevating consciousness, or enhancing aliveness, vitality is automatically enhanced as well, though not always at the same rate. Sometimes, when a client and I process a dramatic breakthrough, vitality enhances right away. They'll show up the next day, with their eyes on fire; ablaze with new life. One client reported that their nails or skin began growing 'like crazy,' and she felt like she was processing nutrients better. This was from discovering and processing a memory that came up during a Budden Process session. The unresolved memory was a blockage in the body system, that was interfering with the optimal function of bodily processes. 

So, an enhancement of aliveness is any measurable increase in the quality of aliveness.

Sometimes, aliveness is enhanced, so the body intelligence needs to purge a slew of toxins in order to catch up to the new state. In that case, vitality catches up later. 

The Radical Enhancement

A radical enhancement of aliveness occurs in the realm of being itself. It means we've moved through a blockage foundational enough to shift the entire system. In this context, present moment awareness increases; vulnerability increases; vitality increases; joy increases; access to emotion increases; courage increases; leadership increases. In this matrix, life improves exponentially, because all pieces of life are transformed via the new way of being that is brought into the equation. More present moment awareness increases focus and effectiveness, so productivity increases, and quantifiable success increases; the increases in vulnerability and emotional intelligence means that relationships improve... usually, by leaps and bounds. 

There are transitional states between states of aliveness that do not appear as aliveness. Often they appear as depression, exhaustion, lethargy, confusion, apathy, or something of that sort. This can be interpreted as your system moving through its seasons. (Our seasons are quite unique to us, and the more we know them and can dance with them, the more empowered we become).

A catastrophic collapse often precedes an evolutionary leap. Think of it as the prelude to awakening. 

Increasing presence generally; presence to sensations, to thoughts, to patterns, to sense impressions, enhances aliveness by degree. One caveat is not to narrow focus so much that the whole falls away. The eyes are designed to scan the landscape, and pick up key details. Sweep back and forth, and scan it again picking up any details you may have missed. Always be vigilant for what has unfolded. Each moment is a new moment. This state of being lays the groundwork for the evolutionary leap, because when it occurs, it can't possibly be missed or misinterpreted. 

The content is continually in flux; the essence remains the same. Shift the context, by reframing the story you're creating around your experience, and break through to new possibilities. 

Climb, run, claw your way back to the essence. Continually remain in the dance with it, even as you labor under florescent lights in a concrete jungle.  It is there, always there. 

In truth,

Steven Budden

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