How Touching into your Essence Fundamentally Shifts Behavior.

Habits can be changed by force, but it is not an effective approach. There is a lot of friction, and therefore a lot of wasted energy. It is easier to change behaviors through a fundamental shift in the nature of being, which shifts the perspective, which shifts the reality. 

Recently, I was reading an account of the 'awakening' of Werner Erhard (founder of Est, which later transformed into the Landmark Forum, which I've never done)... he drove across the golden gate bridge, and something 'miraculous' happened.

"Ellen was the first to notice the differences in Werner. "He suddenly gave up smoking," she told me. "At first I thought it was the 'get better' part of the usual 'get better, get worse, get better, get worse' syndrome. He as smoking three to five packs of cigarettes a day. A few years earlier he had stopped smoking for a month. It had been the worst month of my life. I actually encouraged him to start smoking again. 
"This time, however, not only did the dreaded 'nerves' not materialize, but along with the smoking, he gave up coffee and sugar. He had been drinking twenty to thirty cups of coffee a day - with double cream and double sugar. He just lost the desire for dairy products. IHe also stopped using alcohol and there was a radical shift in his diet. He lost twenty pounts in two weeks, and his posture changed. Within a few months, years fell from his face."
"His insistence on being right and on using his wit and intellect to prove a point also mellowed," Ellen said. "He no longer dominated with his intelligence. He reached an amazing high state and seemed to have strange abilities.""
Werner Erhard, The Transformation of a Man, the Founding of Est. By W.W. Bartley III. p.170. 

I bring this up as an example of a shift in being profoundly impacting behavior. 

I was working with a client once, and mentioning that the ideal diet for healing the human system seemed to be berries and melons (based on the work of Dr. Morse and Dr. Ehret). He smiled, and said, after he had experienced his 'kundalini rising' experience, all he could stomach for 3 months was berries and melons. He had touched into his essence, and suddenly, non-ideal foods no longer resonated. Now, this fell away over time, as these things sometimes (though not always) do. I'm just noting that being in proximity to the essence shifts behavior fundamentally. 

Another client had identified himself as having a host of eating disorders for most of his life. During one meeting, I laid him on the floor and worked deep into the viscera, through the abdomen and around the psoas. There were many tears, and memories arising. When he sat up, he touched his belly, and looked astounded. 'I need a salad or something,' he said. 'Something nourishing.' This was telling, because he often left meetings feeling drawn to the bakery for comfort food. I noticed that when he stood, his posture was more erect. 

A few days later he relayed a message to me: 

"Last night I pushed a plate of food away from me before it was finished. And then I looked at the plate and I just sobbed. I had never done that before... left a plate unfinished."

He had tried countless self control techniques, self-love approaches, tapping, hypnosis, dietary knowledge, etc, for years, and they all failed to produce the response in him that he desired. And suddenly, this dedicated act of touch, coupled with compassionate conversation, got him in touch with his true self. A blockage in the abdomen (or the spine, or the leg, or anywhere else) becomes a blockage to accessing the essence or the core self. 

The the essence is inherently self adoring. I've never come upon an exception. Touching into the essence, in whatever way possible, gives rise to the desire to nourish and protect the body. Sometimes, comfort foods are used to ease the shift, though those usually fail to provide the comfort they did before. They are now out of alignment. 

Find paths back to your core. Remember your true self. Where are you; what are you doing to the beautiful being that you are? 

In Truth,

Steven Budden 

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