How the Budden Process Works (Somatic Breakthrough Delivery); With Esoteric Anatomy of the Skull

Embodiment, the final frontier. 

While the benefits the Budden Process work are often very clear, the mechanics can be mysterious. 

They are a mystery in part because we are working with consciousness, and consciousness is, almost by definition, a mystery. Many spiritual traditions that are based in mindfulness practices are studies of consciousness. We don't study it much in our culture. Scientists call it 'the hard problem.' For one thing, how does one observe oneself objectively, when even the most minute particles of matter seem influenced by the observer?

Certain principles show up again and again in Budden Process sessions. So we can use these to deepen our understanding. 

Budden foundational principles:

Every cell, organ, system, is infused with consciousness, and contains a detailed remembrance of things past. These memories can be accessed through touch, movement, and thought, prompted by language. 

When the stimulus is too extreme for the consciousness to process in the moment, it gets tucked away for later processing. We call this 'trauma', for lack of a better word. 

We become disconnected from ourselves over time for a lot of reasons (trauma, non-ideal diet, toxemia, stress, living out of alignment, etc).

As we complete what is incomplete (through experiencing what has been stored for later processing), we reconnect to those pieces of ourselves, and bodily systems come back  into balance. Healing happens. 

The body seems to need to go through certain positions in order to 'remember' and therefore 'complete' and 'heal' them. For instance, if someone was in a cycling accident long ago, when the leg falls into that position during a session, something like a pedaling motion will begin to occur automatically, and as we let it complete, and come into conscious awareness, that pattern can clear.

What is true for the body, is true for the mind. The separation between the mind and body is unclear. Emotional and physical toxins are similar, and affect systems in similar ways.

Life happens where our body meets the present moment. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the past or in the future. These are not the direct experience of life, but the cognitive reflection of it. The more of us we can bring into the present moment, the more alive we’ll feel. 

In this primordial rush, healing happens, patterns lose their magnetism, love rises to the surface. 

We are inherently compassionate, loving beings. As we get in touch with our core, that realization seems to surface.

Cruelty requires disconnection. Dark, malevolent thoughts, don't arise from the core self; they arise in reaction to one of the layers you are carrying. Critical thoughts of the self are learned behavior. The core self seems to be self respecting and self adoring. 

Dark thoughts often arise during the process of reconnecting to the body, because as the energy moves, they are flushed out. We flood out the dark by letting in the light. 

We develop, over time, a constellation of personalities, various “I’s”, and they function independently and often at odds with one another. The true self is something else, that transcends and contains these false personalities. It is difficult to speak about... though it can be experienced. We work from a fragmented sense of self (mental and physical) to a sense of wholeness and completeness. 

We are delicate, resilient beings. Seemingly subtle energetics influence us in profound ways. 

As you probably remember, Masaru Emoto studied the structure of water as it changed under the influence of various stimuli.

Here are a few examples: 

Think of yourself like this, as 80% water, with all of the fluids in you blooming and/or decaying at every moment, based on what is entering the sense gates, or what is running through your mind.

Esoteric Anatomy Lesson: The Skull

The bones of the skull, indeed the bones of the entire body are not dry and dull like the plastic skeletons we saw in school. They are living consciousness, and they breathe in a definite rhythm. This is often poetically called the Cranial Tide, and it is the movement of the spinal cerebral fluid throughout the system. This system is the pump that circulates conscious fluid throughout the body. While it differs for everyone, it pumps approximately every three seconds. The legs and the arms rotate outward and inward slightly, while the skull expands and contracts. Once you feel it, you can tune into it at will. 

Sometimes a bone gets caught somewhere, and the flow has to move around it. This can throw off the entire body system. Adjusting a skull bone can correct a postural issue, or an asymmetrical gait. It can correct vision or jaw problems.  It only requires the pressure of a nickel. 


As you continue to tune into your rhythms; layers upon layers of rhythms, it can be transcendental experience. The breath; the heartbeat; waves of energy; the seasons of life; the cranial tide. 

You are alive, and this is a mystical, beautiful thing. As you experience more and more of this life force, this FLOW, viscerally, you’ll begin to heal. Because much illness and disease… much suffering stems from disconnecting from the beauty of life. In any moment, we can choose what we are focused on. In this way, the world changes. 

Focus on life. Let the dark influences fall by the wayside. 

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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