The Paradoxes of Healing and Awakening

Awakening takes time. It takes no time at all. It happens in an instant. The instant sometimes takes ‘time’ to manifest. It occurs outside of time.

Whatever is going on in the world can be consumed by the process, and used as an opportunity for to lay the groundwork. 

Budden Process sessions are a rare opportunity to reconnect with the core of yourself. We may jostle things loose during times of exploration, via conscious discomfort, exploration of names and birth dates, cleansing, plunging into the past... old traumas and the birth story. Or we may simply let the past catch up to the present, in the body consciousness.

The Internal and the External

The external life is a series of happenings, revealing themselves in what appears to be a linear order.

The internal life is the process of connecting the threads, and making meaning out of the experiences we accumulate. Suddenly something you saw when you were five might make sense when entering this space. It might connect to something that happened last week. 

I think a well-lived life is a balance between the external happening and the internal reflection. When we spend too much time moving through happenings, without reflection, it can be difficult to discover meaning. There may be one or two experiences that require a lifetime of reflection to make sense. They inform and are informed by our life path.

The process of embodiment, coming back into the body, includes discovering where those experiences have fit into our lives, so they can fall into place; so that our life purpose continues to clarify. 

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

The more I practice this work, the less comfortable I am articulating exactly what awakening is. It seems to me, that it occurs is differently for different people, for different stages of life, and from the purview of our limited understanding.

The more uncomfortable I am describing it, the more driven I become to demonstrate it.  

When I began, I was certain I knew what healing was. Healing was finding the root cause of an illness, which had a physical and emotional component, and unwinding it, so that the person could break free. And anything could be healed. 

Sometimes it works like that. Sometimes it is more complex; even paradoxical. I find myself communicating to one client the opposite thing I just communicated to another client. And in the moment, they are both true. 

Awakening is reaching toward our highest expression for this lifetime. Enlightenment is the ultimate healing. We aim for healing, and sometimes we hit a higher target; awakening. 

Healing is allowing people to remain unhealed, if they choose to. Healing is honoring free will. Healing is taking people to where they desire to go, and inviting them to go further if they choose to, and not pushing the issue if they decline. Healing is finding peace with our karmic debts. Healing is accepting that one's healing path is not another. We are each on our path. 

Healing requires humility, and it happens most in the space of non-judgmental awareness. One of the traps of making progress is to consider others less evolved than ourselves. She never was courageous enough to work on herself, for instance. Or he was afraid of doing the healing work. I reading a quote, which was funny because it was true: The way to measure your spiritual progress is to put yourself in a room with your for a while with your parents, and see how things go. 

The way to measure your progress, is to shift to the state of ‘objective’ witness during a situation that might have been triggering in the past. Stand in front of someone who is completely different from you, and see the soul in them. Any sort of judgement becomes a 'gap in awareness.' It's where the wounds still live.

'Namaste' (the divine spark in me bows to the divine spark in you).  

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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