Using the body to convert theories into truth

The reason somatic work (body-based work) is so powerful is because it works at the level of experience. We can hear something a thousand times, but until we experience it for ourself, it is merely conceptual knowledge.  Conceptual knowledge is relatively useless in the field of life. 

For instance, there are many slogans going around. ‘What you resist persists’ for instance. Or ‘like attracts like.’ Etc. Those are useful to keep in mind as concepts, but once you experience them viscerally as reality, they become LIVED. 

Are you feeling supported? If not, it can manifest in your body, particularly in your legs, feet, and spine. Now, you may not even realize you aren’t feeling supported until we physically do something that ‘supports you’ (such as place a hand on your lower back, or hold your feet), and part of you experiences how distant that seems, or how long it has been since you felt truly supported.

Are you caving in on yourself? You may not think so, but when we adjust your body to be expanded and open (by opening the solar plexus), suddenly you may realize what that means on the experiential level. 

Are you open and ‘neutral’? Or do you lean out and curl around your heart to protect it. Are your knees centered along your leg, or do they turn in, collapse the arches, as a way to guard the pelvic area / sexual center?

Potential Epiphany: 

In order to move on, to step fully into the future, first stand fully in the present; fully experience what is real for you in the moment. 

In Truth,

Steven Budden

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