Presence is a body-based phenomenon

If you are not showing up fully, regardless of what you are doing, there will be a sense of ‘incompleteness.’ The level of fulfillment will not be what it could be. I’ve found that this ‘not showing up fully’ has a fascinating physical component. We tend to think of not being present as a ‘wandering mind’. You may also have a ‘wandering leg’. This may require some explanation…

The way that consciousness circuits our physical form makes it impossible to differentiate between the body and mind. Some people give their all to becoming more present, only to never quite grasp what presence is. If there is still a residual trauma stored in the tissue somewhere, we are unable to show up to the moment fully. 

Meet the moment with your whole body. Sometimes it hurts, but you’ll feel more alive than ever before. When we dull pain, we dull our capacity for pleasure. This is why there are so many zombies walking around out there. Pain and pleasure are not black and white… they are nuanced constellations of sensations that we have labeled. Often a sensation registers as pain, because it is too intense to register as pleasure. Or a sensation registers as pleasure when it is painful, because something has been cross wired. 

I was with a client once, and during our standing work, I noticed she was leaning out with her heart physically (a common occurrence). As I adjusted that, and it was only 1/4 of an inch motion, her whole body began to tremble with energy, and tears began to flow. We were envisioning a difficult encounter with a boss, and she’d leaned out in order to not experience the emotion. As she leaned, in the emotion became available, and the whole body came back online, because when energy has to circumvent a body part, it blocks the flow throughout the whole. 

The solution is to touch the areas of emptiness, and verbally / mentally invite them back into the dialog with the moment. Touch your edges, your skin, and notice where you feel more fully, and where there is a void. Tune into the opposite side, and see if that is more full or more empty. 

This process enhances the capacity for aliveness. 

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