How your use of language can keep you from healing, and the transformational anatomy of bones


On the healing journey, be careful about the language you use about your ailment, because that is a clue about how the mind is functioning. 

‘My back is killing me.’ Your back is not killing you. It has been supporting you for a lifetime. It is sending out signals so you change your life path. If you don’t listen, it will send out stronger signals, like small waves before the tidal wave. Let it know that you’re listening. Find out what it needs. 

Can a bone ‘need’? Bones are consciousness. As alive as any other part of you. The plastic skeleton we grow up learning from is not anywhere near reality. Since ancient times, bones have been infused with divine meanings, and many of these have been corroborated by more radical osteopaths. 

The sacrum, the sacred bone, was known as sacred in various cultures; and in the yoga traditions, that is where the kundalini coils before awakening; the life force. 

The pelvis and the jaw are mirrored. Many bones come with a mirrored counterpart. If you’re not moving your pelvis enough (sexual expression, for instance), you may experience symptoms in your jaw, or your jaw may move a lot (chattering). 

The sphenoid, the butterfly shaped bone at the middle of the skull, is the cornerstone of the physical anatomy. Sometimes adjusting it, even just a hair’s breadth, with the pressure of the weight of a dime, will heal someone of a lifelong ‘pigeon-toed’ posture. 

‘I have bad knees.’ Nothing on you is ‘bad’. It’s just that a part has become disconnected for some REASON. Find the reason. Embrace it again. If you conceive a part of you as ‘bad’, you’re likely being too hard on yourself, and that is a huge piece of the riddle. 

The bones of the ribs are armor for soft viscera, and they are also fluid and pliant. They should not be stiff and rigid. Many unresolved emotions are carried in the fascia and the muscle between the ribs, particularly along the sternum. The more you are carrying in the soft tissues, the more the body freezes up. Use your fingers, close your eyes, and begin to explore what you’re carrying. 

Help yourself unfold. No bone or muscle or symptom is in the way;  the symptom IS the way. Listen quietly to the message. 

Love and flow,