Disease Burrows in the Unknown Places; the 'cure' Is to Radically Increase Presence; Healing.

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Disease burrows in the unknown places. It’s a fiction that relies on other fictions; a fragmentation that requires seeing only pieces, at the expense of the whole.

The ‘cure’ for this fiction is always to flood the darkness with light, and to fill the unknown with presence.

Where you are most ‘absent,’ that is where a disease is most likely to take root. (Most people are most ‘absent’ in their lower half, and particularly in the pelvic / gut region, the seat of most disease).

In a human system that is running at full capacity, it is almost impossible for a disease to take root. Vaccines would not be required at all. We lay the groundwork ourselves for disease, by eroding our own systems, usually on account of misinformation that has come to us. (For instance, I suffered much for trying to consume protein, which I’ve now given up entirely). This is another reason why disease thrives on misinformation.

Come into alignment with the human system now, and linear time will begin to collapse. You’ll fall out of the aging illusion, and diseases will unwind backwards. You’ll feel the symptom you felt when you were 6, accompanied by a 'a childish' view of the world, as those unresolved loops close.

What does that mean… to come into alignment? That is what we’re all working to discover.

For me, it means eating mostly fruits and herbs, and mostly raw. For me it means unplugging sometimes from the digital matrix, and letting the nervous system come back into balance. For me, it means getting fresh air and sunlight, sidling up against nature. For me, it means spending time doing the things you love; the things that buoy up your spirit. For me, it means laughing and loving fully. For me, it shrugging off sexual shame and making love. For me, it means shaking off parental patterns and inventing or discovering our own paradigm.

Never give up. Never stop nourishing the part of you that is powerful and always growing. Never let anyone convince you that you are not whole and complete; never let them convince you that your innocence has been tarnished.

There is a heaven; it is here and now. Now.