Diseases that arise out of Metaphors, Healing, And a Glimpse at how Consciousness Works

Diseases that arise out of metaphors; Healing; And a Glimpse at how Consciousness Works

I love the ‘diseases’ that arise out of metaphors, because they are fascinating to unwind. 

A client was lying down on her back, as I held her feet and had her tune into the pain in her neck. (Holding the feet signifies support for most). The pain flared up, just to the brink of being unbearable, and I encouraged her to breathe and stay with it. Tears poured out as she realized that the source of ‘the pain in her neck’ was her partner. She left him, and those symptoms… feeling ‘unexpressed’, and thyroid imbalances, as well as the physical pain and stiffness… were finally free to heal. They’d plagued her for a decade. 

Viewing yourself as a ‘flake’, in other words, as never sticking to your commitments, can manifest as literal flaking skin. When no balms, salves, or medications support, seek deeper.  (Suggested Read: Your Body Believes Every Word you Say). 

Foot pain is often tied up in a metaphor. For instance, I have trouble standing on my own two feet. Or, I have trouble supporting myself. Or I’m tired of standing on my own. Each of these will manifest as a different symptom, for instance,  a collapsed arch, or a bone spur, or a bunion, or fascia pain. 

There are no ‘accidents’. When you break a bone, or incur a trauma, where and when that break occurred is a clue; the body consciousness is directing attention to that area or the issue that that area represents

Often, being unable to ‘let go’ of the past, manifests as a shoulder injury. Or reaching around to grab something and injuring oneself has to do with vainly trying to finish something that is unresolved. 

The eyes go blurry when something in life is difficult to see. Seeing it fully, objectively, often resolves the vision issue. 

The body is a masterpiece, when viewed from the perspective of the ever expanding dance of consciousness.  It does not malfunction on a whim.  It is not a machine, as the systems in place would have you believe. 

Symptoms are signs. Honoring them, listening to them, truly hearing them often resolves them completely. Sometimes, they are the gentle, persistent requests for a life course change. When we ignore them, they become louder and louder. 

What are yours, and are you listening? 

Love and flow,