The Spine and The Inevitability of Healing

spine and the inevitability of healing - Steven Budden

Like the entire body intelligence, the spine is brilliantly engineered. The perfect balance between mobility and protection; flexibility and durability. With the elegance of form that rivals anything we've seen. 

The spine is modeled in a graceful natural curve. No one vertebrae touches another. They are buffered by fluid mediums. We float and are fluid in our bodies, and our bones float with us. Even the bones are said to be 31% water (though I don’t trust those sorts of numbers, generally). 

Sometimes, an unnatural twist occurs in the spine. A minor twist, or one so extreme that a diagnosis is required. Scoliosis, for instance. This twist can occur as organs and viscera tighten due to congestion and/or deterioration from a corrosive diet, acidic thought patterns, or it can occur in reaction to a mental pattern. I worked with a client once who viewed her sexual fantasies as ‘twisted’, and this manifested as a physical twist. The body is, after all, an embodiment of our beliefs. As I straightened her torso physically, tears flowed. She just couldn't believe that the way I had positioned her was straight. She'd felt 'twisted' for so long. I showed her the mirror, and more tears flowed, wetting her cheeks and shoulders. 

John Sarno, a pioneering back surgeon, found that most back pain is emotional at its core. Even pains due to traumatic ‘injuries’. This is due to our inaccurate education about the resilient spine. We tend to learn of it as a fragile column of bone. We learn most anatomy wrongly, if at all. Even the most up to date scientific awareness of the body and its systems is inaccurate, because it is pursuing the inquiry from the wrong angle; from the idea of the body and its systems as a machine that can be fully grasped by another consciousness. We have to continually remind ourselves that we are embodiments of some ineffable divine mechanics, the workings of which we only fathom in the smallest slivers. The gaps in our knowledge are usually filled by illusions or wishful thinking. 

If you have a physical condition, it is mostly, if not entirely, emotional at its core. If you're merely working at the level of the physical body (in response to the myth that the mind / body separation actually exists), you're unlikely to find the healing you're seeking. 

When we begin living out of alignment, we get whispers from our body. Some of the subtlest whispers come from the region of the spine. For instance, when the stomach begins to be overtaxed in life, the middle back hurts; when the kidneys collapse, it is the lower back; the heart, and fleeing the emotional center, manifests as upper back rigidity and pain. After we ignore or numb those, they show up in other areas of the body. When we ignore the whispers, we'll get screams. 

Still, there is nothing that the body cannot heal, as we let go of our detrimental habits and let life flourish. All cells in the body are replaced steadily. I've read that every few months we have an entirely new skeleton. This leaves fascinating space for healing... anything. 

I heard, in a Dr. Morse video, about someone who was skydiving and their parachute wouldn’t open. They lost mobility from the neck down. An 8 day dry fast cured them. A 60 something day grape fast (eating nothing but grapes) cured a woman of a lifetime case of scoliosis. I say that most pain and disease is emotional, and then I say that this physical approach healed these issues. Perhaps it is because you cannot heal the one without healing the other. Holding onto emotional toxicity is the same as holding onto physical toxicity. Releasing one helps release the other. 

If you have something to heal, I suggest turning all of your focus to what has worked for thousands over a century (and beyond). There is no need to research it to death. While one woman may have spent 60 days reading the scores of literature on scoliosis, this other woman took a step and healed herself. Who comes out more alive? Those reading and researching probably did little more than take a few ineffective supplements, or try out some other promised healing short cut. 

There are no short cuts in healing. We all need to move through the consequences we've created for ourselves; live out the effects we've caused; recreate a clean slate. Any perceived short cuts are taken at the expense of overall vitality, to paraphrase Arnold Ehret. 

The spine knows where it is supposed to be. When we get out of the way, it falls back into place. This can be said for any other body part as well. It's like the amputees sensing phantom limbs; the limb is still there, in the energetic blueprint. Growing it back is not impossible, though 'science' may never discover this. And if they do, it is likely to be immediately coopted by big pharma and only mentioned according to profitability. It is most profitable, sadly, to create a lifetime dependence on pharmaceuticals. It's a brilliant business model; other than that, it fails abysmally. 

A client relayed to me that after a chiropractic adjustment, he could see auras for a few weeks. Sometimes, ‘kundalini’ risings are reported. These can also occur based on planetary transits when the time is ripe. It’s interesting that during these times, the recipients often crave ideal foods (berries and melons). The foods that help the body detox and regenerate ailing tissues. 

We hear that movement therapies are needed to heal the spine. Diets such as Gerson therapy and a fruit based diet have also healed subluxations, as have water or dry fasts. So it seems very plausible that blockages, emotional or physical, are at the root of every physical condition (as stated by Ehret and Sebi). Remove the congestion physically, and the emotional congestion will be jostled loose. Or vice versa.

With clients, I generally work on them both at once (physical / emotional), because that creates a combination that brings healing and vitality closer within reach. I use a radical fruit-based, raw approach supplemented with herbs, along with somatic adjustments and conversational inquiries. No 'disease' has remained untouched by this approach (though a few have chosen the comfort of illusion and seeking out treatments for the endless and growing list of symptoms). 

Healing is inevitable. Let it happen by unlearning, undoing.  Vitality is your birthright. Refuse the dominant paradigms of death, disease, and aging. They’re illusions. If you’re in much pain, I’m sorry to hear that. The lifestyle needs to be changed, often dramatically, from the inside out, from the feet up. 

I'll see you on the other side. 

Love and flow. 


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