Bloom Foundational Principles

Hi, I'm Steven Budden, author of a few books, orchestrator of dramatic transformations. Throughout my career, I've been developing and refining a system of healing and transformation that gives greater, more sustainable results than any other, often within impossible timeframes. 

A quote springs to mind... 

“Where would I find enough leather
To cover the entire surface of the earth?
But with leather soles beneath my feet,
It’s as if the whole world has been covered.”

― Śāntideva

That's what most people are trying to do... cover the earth, by perpetually shifting around the content of their lives until it that feeling of lack is gone. The relationships,  jobs, clothes, homes, possessions, ideologies. I'm here to inform you, as if you haven't already figured it out, that focusing on shifting around the content invariably leads you right back to where you were. It's limited in the level of fulfillment it can offer you. Once you have your bases covered, more, better, or slightly different aren't going to change the game much. 

That's not why you're here, and that's not why I'm here. I'm here to support you in dramatically transforming your world from the inside; by altering your perceptions, dismantling your limiting beliefs, and reframing reality itself. 

Here, we focus on the level of being, rather than the level of doing. Willing a change usually fails. Of course, as we shift who we are, we shift what we do naturally. 

Total transformation. Ambitious, I know. Those are the end goals. We have a few milestones to cross before we reach those. 

You are a constellation of stories, nothing more or less. What you believe is what you see. On some level, we've all experienced this. We manifest our reality. What we believe about our physiology, or organs, our cells, our blood, can dramatically impact our world. A belief that is erroneous, as in the case of accepting a diagnosis of diseases, can be fatal. 

I wanted to give a little overview of some of the considerations that I feel are pertinent, so you can test them out in their own lives. It's imperative to test every concept against life experience, so that you don't wind up lead astray by blindly following leaders. 


Here are a few of the BLOOM foundational principles that we rely on. These aren't theories, I stumbled upon these over countless sessions with clients, in healing their deepest wounds. And these were the repeated themes that kept showing up, again and again, during critical points in the healing and transformational process.  

I began to see that these are the epiphanies that alter the course of a life, so I began to discover and, in some cases, invent ways to orchestrate these epiphanies, as direct, visceral experience, rather than mere concepts. Conceptually, many people continually spout these types of ideas in books and on social media, however, they aren't anchored in, and so, they aren't yet true. Until the body and mind align, there is no moving forward... no freedom from past patterns. 

1. Every cell, organ, system, is infused with consciousness, and can be used as a detailed map through the past. Everything you've ever experienced is stored somewhere in your tissues. These memories can be accessed through touch, movement, and thought, prompted by language. That is what we often do in somatic sessions. Touch, and move back through the memories or sensations that arise. 

2. When the stimulus is too extreme for the consciousness to process in the moment, we leave our body, and the original emotional response gets tucked away for later processing. We call this 'trauma', for lack of a better word. 

3. We become disconnected from ourselves over time for a lot of reasons (trauma, non-ideal diet, toxemia, stress, living out of alignment, etc). As we remove the blockage to the core self (detoxification) and as we complete what is incomplete (through experiencing what has been stored for later processing), we reconnect to those pieces of ourselves, and bodily systems come back  into balance. Healing happens. 

4. The body intelligence seems to need to go through certain positions in order to 'remember' and therefore 'complete' and 'heal' them. For instance, if someone was in a cycling accident long ago, when the leg falls into that position during a session, something like a pedaling motion will begin to occur automatically, and as we let it complete, and come into conscious awareness, that pattern can clear. Or our body intelligence continually orchestrates the key players we need around us so we can heal  core patterns. For instance, suffering an emotional wound in a certain context, means the body intelligence will recreate the context, so that the system can close the loop. 

5. What is true for the body, is true for the mind. The separation between the mind and body is an illusion. Emotional and physical toxins are similar, and affect systems in similar ways.

6. Life happens where our body meets the present moment. Most of us spend the majority of our time in the past or in the future. These are not the direct experience of life, but the cognitive reflection of it. The more of us we can bring into the present moment, the more alive we’ll feel. In this primordial rush, healing happens, patterns lose their magnetism, love rises to the surface.
7. We are inherently compassionate, loving beings. As we get in touch with our core, that realization seems to surface.

8. Cruelty requires disconnection. Dark, malevolent thoughts, don't arise from the core self; they arise in reaction to one of the layers we are carrying. Critical thoughts of the self are learned behavior. The core self seems to be self respecting and self adoring, and touching into that nourishes and strengthens it. Dark thoughts often arise during the process of reconnecting to the body, because as the energy moves, they are flushed out. We flood out the dark by letting in the light. 

9. We develop, over time, a constellation of personalities, various “I’s”, and they function independently and often at odds with one another. The true self is something else, that transcends and contains these false personalities. It is difficult to speak about... though it can be experienced. We work from a fragmented sense of self (mental and physical) to a sense of wholeness and completeness. 

10. Fear of pain is often worse than the pain itself. We spend so much of life crippled by the potential pain of humiliation, that we never live our dreams. We can experience this directly through the body, and via the emotions, when we notice that a painful point is compounded by the resistance to it, whereas just being with it allows it to bloom and pass.  

11. We are delicate, resilient beings. Seemingly subtle energetics influence us in profound ways. Particulates in the air can be harmful, trace elements on food, violent imagery; the body is always a self balancing mechanism. So, as we discover and remember how delicate the balance truly is, we can choose to slow down, and allow for older stimuli to finish processing, rather than continually stacking new kindling onto the fire. 

As in everything we send, I hope this supports you in your unfolding. 

Love and bloom,

Budden Enterprises