Strategies for Living More Fully, Awakening, And Breaking Free of the Past

Everything we do revolves around one premise: how to orchestrate the most dramatic breakthroughs within the shortest timeframes possible. We are obsessed with it. 

At a glance, I can tell where you are abound up in your body and mind, and we set to work within minutes. I'm sometimes guilty of flying through the formalities to get down to the deep work. I hope that is ok with you... time is precious. 

I've gathered much of my understanding of life and consciousness through an awakening experience that occurred a decade ago, and that has been nourished by other experiences that followed. I don't go about to convince anyone of my worldview conceptually, as that has severe limitations. We can't live by concepts. We live by experiences. And so I set about to develop a system in order to demonstrate the experiences that have enriched my life by a thousand times. 


I should perhaps define what I mean by 'awakening', because it is usually misunderstood, therefore and triggering. Awakening, for me, means living in the moment, with nothing in the way. That's it. Anything that is in the way shows up in the body as a contraction or a tightening, or in the mental / emotional body as an over reaction or an under reaction. The primary goal is to react in alignment with what is real and in front of you. 

What's between you and fully experiencing the moment? 

Physical Congestion:

People often don't automatically think in these terms. Chemicals and residue from non ideal foods congest the system over time, erode the organs and glands, and throw off the body chemistry. The body is overwhelmed and much energy is flowing into the black hole of trying to clear out the debris while new debris is continually packed on. Cleansing and a pristine diet clears the path to the moment. A congested body is numbed. Plaques develop over organs, mucus forms in order to protect the delicate tissues from acidic wastes that would otherwise be much more harmful. When I noticed that clearing physical congestion from a certain era often brought up emotional and physical patterns from that era, I realized how complex the healing journey can become. Choose simplicity. 

Emotional Congestion:

Every emotion that is not fully felt is tucked away, somewhere in the physiology, for future processing. As I write this, do you get a sense of what your'e carrying? A simple way to tune into this is to breathe fully, and to open up the solar plexus, by lengthening the spine. Much of this congestion manifests in the throat, as the lump in the throat is continually swallowed (can manifest as voice / throat / thyroid issues). I was working with a client once, who hadn't cried in years, and her eyes were just about bulging out of her head (a down symptom of a thyroid issue). As we found a path to the tears, and it took some cleverness on my part, yellow stuff flowed out of her eyes. Physical and emotional congestion are often closely linked. 

Physical Trauma:

People don't realize how profoundly physical trauma affects their system and their worldview. I've supported clients in clearing trauma from car accidents and in one case, a snow mobile accident, and this absolutely transformed their love lives in each case. When the system is still bracing for the impact, it is impossible to trust fully. The thing is, no one realizes they're bracing for anything. They've become so accustomed to holding that it feels completely natural. Relaxing, surrendering into the moment requires feeling the intensity of the original experience, so most shy away from it. The reason I don't is because it is the most direct path to total healing and awakening. 


We are constellations of stories. I use the word stories instead of beliefs to bring attention to the fact that stories, and beliefs, and mostly invented. And more importantly, they can be retold. Everything that has ever happened to us is recorded in our cells and our tissues. However, we usually create a story that has little to do with the original stimulus. For instance, a man hit us, ergo men are bad. Most of these stories are, of course, oversimplified and inaccurate. In fact, they're often so inaccurate, that the opposite is at least as true. (related post: There's truth in the opposite).  If the story that arises out of childhood is that relationships are meant to be full of turbulence, your mind can literally block out potential partners that don't fit into that story, or behaviors that don't align. Stories about how the physical system operates, religious beliefs, average lifespan, nutritional requirements, the nature of love, the meaning of life, all affect our reality profoundly. We literally die to live into our stories. For this reason, we all require a cleansing; an in-depth process of shedding stories. 

Most of us never get a chance to interact with the beautiful person who is in front of us; because we are heaping so much onto them that is not theirs. They are doing the same to us. This is one of the tragedies in life. When we make love, we are making love with ghosts, from a contracted, congested body that can barely feel. By contrast, breaking free and meeting the other and the moment with your whole body is not only possible, it is inevitable, if you approach it from the right angle. 

At Budden Enterprises, we approach from all of the above angles, in a diligently tested order, to affect the most dramatic shifts possible ultimately leading to healing, loving more fully, feeling more alive,(all Layers of Awakening™). 

So, awakening is simply living fully in the moment.

Most approaches simply advocate focusing on the moment mentally, or perhaps through sensation... however, those approaches have severe limitations when one considers the above.

We are not about incremental progress, we are about massive breakthroughs. Life can shift dramatically in a breath or a heartbeat. 

In Truth,

Steven Budden