Question every thought.

Most people live and die entirely by their assumptions, without ever really questioning their origins. You are a fluid constellation of stories. Refine the stories so that you are the hero rather than the victim. From this space, healing happens, love deepens creativity blossoms. It can't be otherwise. This is why incremental changes are sometimes harder to make than massive ones.

People come to me discussing the micro-changes they want to make, and I redirect them to larger dreams, grander visions. You can't do much while you're engaged in pushing against what you don't want. Instead, stop pushing, so you can use your hands to create your world. It's counter-intuitive, in some ways, taking the eyes off of the wound and directing the whole body, mind, and spirit toward a higher goal can shed layers of armor in a breath or a heartbeat. 

Yes, tear your eyes off of the wound. Are you afraid it might disappear? It just might. And that's ok... the horizon is calling you. 

Love and bloom.