Learning to Distinguish Fear from Intuition (a gift most don't possess)

It takes discernment to learn to trust the intuition. Often, when I hear someone state the message from their intuition, I question the source. When it is an ominous portent, the source is usually fear or old fashioned mind chatter. And once we listen to that voice, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we say... 'see, my intuition was right!' 

Remember that the intuition chimes in through the body, so mastering your sensations and what they mean is supportive here. If you get the intuitive hit with the visceral knot, chances are it's not a clear channel... meaning, the 'intuition' is tinged with fear, based on past experience. Sit in the cauldron of the fear until it clears, until it completes, and then listen for the deeper voice. The visceral knot tightens and tightens until it vanishes. 

Some people 'intuit' that their heart will be broken, and low and behold, it is! If the mind chatter is repeatedly incanting 'your heart will be broken', that's a powerful black hole you're slipping into. Break yourself out of the trance, and tell another story. If you're going to cast spells, how about... 'my heart will be honored.' Your thoughts are the preface to your reality. 

The intuition is a beautiful thing... be careful not to drag it into the dust by hitching it to your fears. 

Love and bloom. 

Steven Budden