People that reach out for support of their own volition, compared to people who are sent over.

I always work at the level of the experience. People invariably try to pull me into their outlook. It's like a gravitational pull. I decline, and come back to... what are you experiencing and why? Not, 'what have they done to you?' 

I used to work with anyone, including people that were sent over by others.  I fell into that time and time again in the past, and learned the hard way. Usually it was a woman sending a man in to 'become more conscious.' Sometimes I needed the cash flow, so I assented, and perhaps I even entertained some hope. The results were always marginal, because the client was only going through the process because they felt compelled; because they wanted to be loved. They couldn't understand the work, because they hadn't found their own way in. They hadn't reached the crisis necessary to inspire dynamic growth.  

Later, I built in obstacles that people had to move through to work with me; long, elaborate questionnaires, up-front fees, etc, to ascertain the level of commitment. Once people passed through those gates, for themselves, the results were phenomenal. 

If you're experiencing recurring challenges with anyone, first, I suggest redirecting all effort towards yourself and your experience. Capture feelings and needs. Notice sensations. Notice blame. Find any of these that are familiar, and record how they may thread back into your oldest memories. Thread back to the seed of the pattern and allow yourself to complete whatever is incomplete, physically, emotionally. Create a dynamic ritual for completion. 

Then, once you have a clear center again, approach the other... listen to them deeply, maybe for the first time, and perhaps make a request, if needed. Or simply leave the equation.