Turn around, the World is Behind You

I confess I'm a bit of a contrarian.  I often look at the opposite of what people presume to be true.  Truth is a fiction, and we generally follow the most powerful story tellers.  If you want to transform your life, look in another direction. Listen to other storytellers. It's always brought me a lot of pleasure To look at the other side of life. When I see a crowd gathering to gawk at something,  I make a point to look in the opposite direction. Opposite the sunset,  for instance,  the moon is rising over an oak tree.  Opposite the lion cage at the zoo, this glorious unfolding bloom.  I'd be the one in the Louvre,  Looking at the little painting across from the Mona Lisa. While there's a gravity toward the general consensus, the most famous is rarely the most transcendent. This goes for art as well as scientific theories.  And I've noticed  that when I look at the unseen long enough, others begin to gravitate toward it too.  We have the power to create our reality. And the reality of others.

So, as you turn your head and shift your focus, the world changes.

What do you see right now?

Love and Bloom, 

Steven Budden