Life is a Story. How are you Telling It?

There's no such thing as an objective biography; the autobiography is as far from objective as one can get. I still enjoy reading them, though, because you can tell a lot about a person by what stories they tell. 

We move through life as storytellers, like the bards of old. We tell our story, consciously and unconsciously, vociferously or softly, to ourselves and others. Most people walk around unaware of the crushing song they're humming to themselves, and so 'lead lives of quiet desperation.' They sing the songs their parents sung. 

The way out of this loop is to catch yourself telling stories, and teach yourself to tell stories that are in alignment with the life you want to live into. It's as simple as that. 

The challenge is not reframing the story... it's getting people to acknowledge how powerful they truly are. Once they realize that, they realize that retelling the story is not a whimsical fantasy or a waste of time... it is a process of life creation. Once you do that, life shifts dramatically... as dramatically or as gently as you tell it. 

If you break it down into quantum mechanics and the quests to understand the fabric of the cosmos, we see that all is 'story.'

Imagine walking into your new life, surrounded by the things you've dreamed up for yourself. What stories do you need to be telling yourself to be among those things?  

It's the reason winning the lottery (or the equivalent) doesn't solve any fundamental riddles for most people; the stories also needs to be retold; the self reinvented. 

We all suffer the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' now and again. We can either stew in regret, foment about lost opportunities, or we can frame the story so that we become a hero rather than a victim. Even if the events cannot be changed, their meaning can, and this is everything. For instance, I was locked in a prison for ten years, metaphorically,  because I needed that time to think and reflect, so that I could break free and claim this epic, wild adventure that I'm  on now. Then, you're standing at the threshold as a hero, whereas others are despondent, eternally grieving those 10 lost years, losing the rest of their lives in the process. 

So, from the very place you're standing in now, your whole life can change by simply reinventing your past. Countless cells are dying and being reborn every second. If you alter your story, they're being born into a new story. Your body literally changes, and your body is your instrument for living. 

What story are you telling?

Love and Bloom,

Steven Budden

'My life is my message.' Gandhi