The Deep Somatic Healing Work, Sessions as the Alchemical Laboratory, and Unwinding Lifetime Patterns

When I started doing the healing work I do, the unlearning began. I quickly realized that everything I thought I knew about the body or the mind, was essentially, either wrong or incomplete. Things surfaced that I couldn't explain, and I simply had to be with them; serve as the witness. If I thought Jesus might show up, Buddha did, or if I thought ghosts were figments, they showed up. When I thought they'd be benevolent, they were angry, and when I expected anger, I was washed with love. The beliefs of clients danced with my own, and sometimes things neither of us believed in came crashing into sessions.

When I touch a body at a pain point, stories inevitably arise alongside the ghosts.. why are you doing this to me, when will this be over, how can I get out of this? Clients have unconsciously swung at me, or ripped my hand away. Some growl at me in otherworldly voices. The list goes on. Recently, as soon as I touched into the belly, psoas, of an intuitive client, he said 'wow, you must have seen everything doing this work.' 

What I've seen is that the body remembers. The cells or the energetic structure are a matrix of memory, threading back to birth and beyond. People have experienced past life, or archetypal memories, visions of spiritual beings, ancestors long-since deceased, memories of their birth or even their gestation. One client roared in tears as he remembered his twin dying in the womb, his beard wet with crystalline tears. 

Just last week, as I rotated a woman's thigh in minuscule movements, she shuddered and the clear image of her being born arose. Her leg had been caught during her birth. That's when her journey began; the journey of losing and eventually finding the self. Now, the part that was lost, was found. As she sat up, eyes ablaze, her life had changed. Immediately, things began showing up that had been blocked by that original blockage. It doesn't always work that perfectly, but sometimes it does.

When I say that you are a reservoir of memories, remember that some of those experiences are complete, and some are incomplete. The ones that are incomplete become the magnets for our most familiar and our most painful patterns, usually patterns in love and intimacy. They also eventually manifest as disease. The whole consciousness attempts to live around them, so they don't get the full nourishment, or the rush of the healing force. They become patches of darkness in the light body, so to speak. 

Step outside of linear time proactively... find what is incomplete in you, and complete it. You can do this by re-experiencing the sensations, or by orchestrating a ritual or a pilgrimage to re-experience the memory, or by sitting with the emotions and excavating the layers. Uproot the weed before the cancer manifests. The reward is not only wellness, which doesn't sound inspiring at all... it's full vitality ... the fucking rapture. 

Unresolved experiences (often referred to as 'trauma') can easily devastate your life. Resolving what was once unresolved can only ever lead you to your soul's journey. Do you see now how your life has been a perfectly orchestrated progression toward your highest self? 

Love and bloom. 

Steven Budden