Your Beautiful Breakthrough, hours away.

I'm glad to see you here, at the edge of the journey of a lifetime. 

Now that you've got a sense of what sets my work apart from that of others.

Now we simply need to demonstrate how profoundly the work will shift your life. I do this in via a private, 2 hour intensive demonstration of the most profound healing practices you'll encounter. 

Instead of ruminating on the conceptual underpinnings of your 'issues', which can take decades, we simply adjust the posture, say the unsaid, touch into the points where the energy has been stagnant, and voila, the pattern isn't broken... it's shattered, exquisitely, within hours. 

I say 'hours' because no other approach that exists will give you as remarkable of results in such short timeframes, guaranteed. There is no need to take my word for it... I want to give you an opportunity to experience it for yourself. 

Life going forward will be different... much different. You'll get to know the depths of yourself and your story in ways you've never even considered. And you'll be free, finally free, to meet life and love with your whole body, tingling with aliveness. When that happens, it's indescribable. 

You owe it to yourself and those you love to take the most direct path possible to this breakthrough. And you've found it. 

Big promises, I know. Now, time to fulfill them. 

During our initial meeting will be orchestrated so that you can:

  • tell me your story
  • hone in on your obstacles and their anchors in the body / mind
  • get clear direction for moving forward
  • discover new ways of  relating to yourself and your body
  • experience how profoundly it will impact your life
  • make sure we're a fit
  • assess your readiness for the process

I call the first Bloom Breakthrough - The Seeds. Upon these awarenesses you will build your new life. 

This life-changing meeting (circa 2 hours) includes a Holistic Postural AnalysisRoot Assessment, Communication Tutorials, and Somatic Explorations. You'll discover and practice tools you can use from that moment on into the rest of your life. We'll hone in on the roots of your most chronic conditions, and collaborate on strategies to release them at the root. And we'll facilitate the body in shedding layers of armor and trauma that have been dimming your light. 

I'm certain that I have the most affective change strategy in the world, and now it is up to me to introduce it to you so that you can put it to work in your own life now.  Not years or decades from now... now. 

Lives have changed dramatically during the First Bloom Breakthrough. Clients experience a glimpse into their future, the pure sensation of breaking free, the freedom that is possible. We ascertain where your efforts had been going in the wrong direction, and reroute accordingly so that you start making massive progress. You'll discover new, unheard of ways to use your body and mind for deeper intimacy, more clarity, increased creativity, and more aliveness. 

We'll literally (and metaphorically) be reconstructing your world from the ground (feet) up. 

The body is a life map, and I will show you how to read it. 

We follow Bloom Breakthrough up with:

  • Custom Bloom Life Map™ which will guide you in going forward, outline a summary of what we've discovered, and provide you with options to further explore the work. 
  • Bloom Call Follow Up in the weeks that follow, to support in the integration process and to support you in sustaining your breakthrough


I don't expect you to leap into an intensive, therapeutic, consultative relationship with me without experiencing the possibilities for yourself firsthand, risk-free. 

The required investment for your first Bloom Breakthrough is $3500*. 

This is a direct investment in the quality of your life, and protected by an unheard-of guarantee; you experience extraordinary results, and life-altering possibilities, or I refund your fee. Simple. 

Rarely does an investment translate so directly into an improved life experience. 

Your breakthrough is hours away. The seed of your new life. Open your hand, it's yours. 

Life presents itself as a series of choices. Your choices in the past have determined this moment. Your choices in this moment determine your future. Simple. 

Bloom Breakthrough
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I look forward to collaborating with you. 

In truth,

Steven Budden

Budden Enterprises


Spread the Bloom. 

We also gladly waive the fee when you refer two others who schedule their Bloom Breakthroughs.