A Radical Model for Dramatic Change

The 12 Seeds of the Bloom Model, a multi-media experience.

BLOOM with us. 

As I wandered, wondering how to alleviate some of the suffering I saw, I looked across the field and saw the dandelions, like beacons of hope, spreading wildly. 

How can we honor and harness that, I wondered? 

Welcome to BLOOM. 


A radical system modeled after the elegant design of the dandelion. The fundamental facets of life have been gathered up into 12 seeds, for dramatic life transformation, mental restructuring, and physical healing. 

  • Play
  • Vitality
  • Expression
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Presence   
  • Integrity / Alignment
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Leadership
  • Love
  • Legacy 

These seeds can be rooted into any individual or organizational system to affect sweeping change. 

This system has been outlined in Bloom: A Manifesto for Wild Unfolding, which has become the primer to the fundamentals of this system. You can access the complimentary digital version here or purchase on Amazon here

This is a blueprint of a life’s work, the framework, based on countless hours of study and testing, with a wide range of clients. These seeds are meant to be fluid, so that as you are introduced to them, new inspirations arise. They are designed to provide structure while nurturing freedom. 

This system is fundamentally arranged so that every area of life is touched. Root one seed, and life transforms. Root a handful, and life transforms exponentially. 

if you’ve dreamt of new beginnings, you’re in the right place. We’re seeding those now. 

Notice that the first seed is 'play'? Come and play with us.

This is a multimedia experience, based on a live Bloom Group which I lead soon after the book's initial release. The content of that living course is available to you here, at a fraction of the original investment. You will receive a link to all of the content, which you can peruse in any order you desire, as well as weekly emails detailing the recommended curriculum. 

This course is facilitated by Steven Budden. After breaking his neck in the Pacific ocean in 2008, life has been about orchestrating and experiencing awakenings. 

"Steven Budden can give you lasting happiness." - Meret Piderman, Entrepreneur, Artist, Petaluma, CA

“Every second with Steven has been pure healing" -Brian Bugh, Product Developer, San Francisco, California.

What is included: 

  • 14 weeks of self work
  • A practical framework for transformation
  • Weekly emails outlining the process, in the most effective order
  • 14 Audio Lectures (6 hours of content) - From 15-36 minutes in length. 
  • 1 Video Tutorial 
  • Original written content and illustrations

After you purchase, you'll receive an email with details and course content. 

Welcome to Bloom! 

Steven Budden, CEO

Budden Enterprises