Love is simple. Our wounds complicate it. 

We bring our parents and past lovers into bed with us.

And just when you think you're free of a pattern, wham! It hits you again.

What if I told you that I could support you in breaking free of your most chronic patterns, mental, emotional, and even physical, so that you could

  • live more fully
  • love more completely
  • spend more time in fulfillment and gratitude

There are so many options in the modern world, it can be overwhelming. Someone is trying to sell us something at all hours of the night, and most of it doesn't live up to its promise. I know, because I've tried 'just about everything' myself. 

Imagine the peace of having a trusted, fearless companion with you on this sacred journey. One that has guided many others like you, through the shadows, into the best love of their lives. 

To guide you, educate you, acknowledge your growth when you fail to see it, and help you up when you stumble...


It doesn't matter whether your struggle is in love, health, work, or play...

Now that you're here, your life will change. 

Let's be real. I'm not perfect, I learn life lessons, sometimes the lard way. I continue to grow every day. I don't continually post photoshopped pictures of myself on Instagram, smiling over the thing I'm trying to sell. 

My promise is not that you'll be in some sort of enlightened state all the time. 

It just means that:

  • you'll be able to take a breath, step back, and see your patterns without being drawn in.
  • you'll be able to translate your 'pain' and 'suffering' as a signpost to your best self.
  • you'll be in control if the mind chatter; you'll be able to tell and retell your story. 
  • And soon... you'll regain control of your destiny, rather than living at the whims of primal, emotional impulses. 

You're in the right place. 

"I released so many of the things that had been blocking me that I ended up meeting my soul mate."
Amy, Novato, California. 

This is different... here's why... 

Steven Budden and his daughter

I'm Steven Budden, author and orchestrator of custom-tailored life changes. Since 2011, I've been working with individual clients for years, with a humbling  success rate, supporting everyone that I could touch in breaking free of their 'impossible' issues. 

But I couldn't do enough.

For every person I touched, so many were just out of reach. 

As I wandered, wondering how to alleviate some of the suffering that I saw all around, I noticed the dandelions spreading like wildfire in the fields around me. 

It gave me an idea... 

I made it a lot easier for you to heal by breaking the complicated process down into 12 areas.

It becomes a BLUEPRINT for your deepest healing, while making your progress simple to track and measure. 

I  wrote the Bloom Manifesto as a brief, succinct overview of my holistic life picture, complete with tools you can use today to root the seeds. 

If you haven't downloaded your copy yet, please do so here: 

Imagine your life getting better and better, instead of worse and worse.

Break out of the downward slide and the cycle of mysterious ailments, and begin the steady process toward TRUE HEALING. 

To do this, we need to move through 3 stages: 

  • Discovery - gather the important pieces and gain insight into the patterns that are ruling your destiny.

  • Clearing - use tested physical, emotional, and mental tools to recreate your life from the ground up.

  • Awe - come back into alignment with your higher self (this happens naturally in response to unlearning process). As I show you ways to experience the connectedness of all of the facets of your life, you'll be blown away (even though I think you've had glimpses of this). 

The manifesto is a simple, powerful overview.

For you, I created the Bloom Healing Circle.

You've been through a lot, and need personal support to get to the root, and uproot the pattern.

it's a life map to freedom. Not freedom from without; INNER FREEDOM. 

Steven’s knowledge of the mind and body are astonishing. When we began our work together I felt broken and stuck.  I was able to give myself completely to his unique process and together we released a multitude of destructive beliefs I held about myself and painful emotions rooted into my body. 
It’s exhilarating to be free from the mental and physical bondage I had endured for too long! 
Few healers take such a meticulous look at the big picture in terms of tackling mind, body & spirit simultaneously. 
Daria Morrill, Founder of TOLOMA CREEK.  

A few examples of Beautiful Breakthroughs: 

  • When a client and I discovered that her decade-long chronic shoulder pain was symptomatic of missing her father, shedding tears and completing the grieving process healed the shoulder.  
  • A client who was always ill discovered that, as a child, she was only shown affection while ill. As we honed in on that pattern, illness was no longer necessary, so she healed... and she and her husband were able connect on much deeper levels. In fact, they decided to have their first baby soon after, after years of marriage!    
  • I worked with a client around reclaiming her voice ('lost' since childhood). We worked at the root of the pattern, and traced it back to its origins, in school, around the time of a shift in the home life. I demonstrated ways to break he pattern's spell on her. Soon after, she wrote me and let me know that she'd met her soul mate, after years of painful relationships.
  • When a client and I discovered that her lack of economic stability was connected to her grandfather, who worked as a doctor during WW2, she changed her life strategy, and her strategy for connecting with her ancestors. Her business improved substantially. 
  • Ready for your Wild Unfolding?

The support goes on and on. 

I'm inviting you to BLOOM:  An Ongoing, inner circle, where I deliver secret strategies to courageous people like you. 

So, while most of the world is floundering, you are walking confidently toward your dreams

This is a customized program that will be crafted just for you. The 12 LIFESEEDS become the framework through which we introduce new concepts and measure progress.

For just a few dollars per day, I'll compassionately guide you through the life-altering strategies that private clients pay me thousands to access. 

This is a model of the 12 seeds of change; an image that came to me on a mystical walk through the woods. I went with it. 

Bloom 12 Seeds

A SAMPLING of some of the topics we'll explore: 

(through experiential activities and not mere concept)

  • Intimacy as a Healing Art: Discovering Redemption in Heartbreak
  • Crafting Compelling Rituals for. Release: Letting go of Lost Loved Ones
  • Self Love Crash Course: Deepening Intimacy with the Self (the Paradoxical Road to Self Love) 
  • Loving Better: Understanding  Your Personal Chronic Relationship Patterns
  • Clearing Negative Energies from the Body Systems
  • Healing Mother / Father Wounds
  • PLAY: Inviting your innocence out to play… and love (My Unique somatic soul retrieval Process) 
  • Mapping the constellations of your most deeply held stories (personal, familial, ancestral) 
  • Learning to Read the SACRED Life Map that is your Body
  • BLOOM Food: Nourishment and Nutrition for the Deepest Healing
  • Finding Community on the Healing Path (resisting the gravity of the culture)
  • Heightening creative and intuitive faculties
  • Body Mapping: Uncovering Shame, Trauma Threads, and 'Energetic Amputations' for full body flow
  • A Few of the Resources We'll be Using... 

Your Guide

I'll be your guide on this journey...

Steven Budden
Steven Budden

My name is Steven Budden. This is what I do.

I'm the founder of Flow Healing Arts, and Budden Enterprises. I am the author of Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual, The Flow into Joy Journeybook, and the Bloom Manifesto.

As you may know, a series of awakening experiences, culminating in a broken neck in 2008, served as my epic stumbling onto this path: 'alchemist of broken hearts and bones.' As I was healing my neck, a lover broke my heart, and I applied what I knew about somatic trauma release to my own emotional wounds... it worked wonders. 

I've supported a wide array of clients over since 2011 orchestrating awakening experiences and healing trauma and relationship patterns.  I don't share most of my cutting-edge healing strategies with the wider world... those are reserved for you in this INNER CIRCLE. 

I recently spent a few years living in a remote cabin in the Redwood Forest, seeing clients while I contemplated and refined this system.   

Working with me privately costs a lot. The sessions are intense and deep, and so I. can only do a handful of them at a time.

I created the Bloom Radical Healing Circle as a way to bring this work to. you, in case you may not be able to engage with me personally, for whatever reason.  

My experience and training is so unique that I tend to approach every healing issue as a contrarian. This would be mere novelty, if what I've learned and discovered didn't produce such dramatic results (see testimonials below).  

"I don’t want to stay folded anywhere,
because where I am folded, there I am a lie.
and I want my grasp of things to be
true before you."

Bloom Healing Circle

3 Simple, Powerful Options for You

Choose the one that suits you best (you can always downgrade or upgrade in the months to come) 

Option 1: Bloom Roots

  • BLOOM calls. Regular group calls where I introduce the healing strategies that you need most. (Which are also recorded for your future listening pleasure) 
  • Live QandA calls so I can answer your questions, or support you wherever you may be stuck. 
  • A personalized assessment and discovery questionnaire 
  • Original Metrics for measuring progress
  • Private Online Bloom Circle Community (Facebook) where I'll personally answer questions and give advice, and where you can mingle with kindred spirits if you choose to. 
  • Live calls. 

~$99 per month (about $3 per day)

Option 2: Bloom Leaves and Stems (a little more support).

Including all of the above PLUS:

  • Paperback copy of the Bloom Manifesto
  • Paperback copy of Flow: Training Manual
  • Paperback Copy of The Flow into Joy Journeybook


  • PERSONALIZED INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT FROM ME via email (approx. one email interaction per week).
  • So that I can hone in on your particular challenges, and send you strategies and answer personal questions. 
  • A more personalized assessment and custom-rendered LIFE MAP so that you have clarity going forward

~$299 per month (about $9 per day) 

Option 3. Bloom Flowers and all the frills (a lot more support). 

Including all of the above PLUS:  

  • 2 PRIVATE SKYPE OR PHONE SESSIONS WITH ME each month, so I can assess your physiological patterns, language, and give you direct recommendations and lead you through experiential healing strategies. 
  • Custom communication tutorials so that you can heal relationships you need to heal
  • Life enhancement strategies specially formulated for you and a fearless, compassionate accountability partner (me), at your disposal 
  • A surprising peppering of personalized resources to support you, delivered in various media

~$599 (about $20 per day) 

This is the most direct investment in yourself that you can make.

If I asked you how much you'd be willing to invest in creating a better life for yourself, what would you say? 

DATES: Ongoing. Limited spaces remaining. ACT Fast. 

Reserve your spot now by making a payment below:

Join with an easy heart.

You're twice as safe:

  • 15 Day Trial Period while you decide if this is what you want

  • My infamous BLOOM GUARANTEE - which draws the ire of some other practitioners (If I'm not supporting you in healing your core wounds,  I'll refund your fee)

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.  

Love and Bloom,


Steven Budden

PS. Care Enough to Share Program: Please take a moment to share this with a few people that it would be perfect for. Healing works better TOGETHER. 

Recent Testimonials: 

“Every second with Steven has been pure healing. 
I have had fifteen years of difficult and painful illnesses and emotional struggles; I’ve been to doctors and healers and yogis and medicine men and nothing has had the impact that just a few sessions with Steven has had.
-Brian Bugh, Product Developer, San Francisco, California.

“It is both blazingly simple and obvious how working with Steven has made my life better, improved my well-being, and made me a happier person.

Benefits: Processing 40+ years of emotions to be able to move consciousness into a present-oriented awareness, accepting myself a great deal more and sharing myself with others in ways that lead to greater understanding and provide more happiness and joy; completing my long-held intention of writing and publishing a book. 

And on and on, NOW, the key difference with Steven is:  I did not exercise willpower to accomplish any of those states of being.”

Mike Shur, Executive Consultant

"His knowledge and intuition taps into the deepest, most forgotten aspects of your being, and brings them to the surface for healing and liberation.
My life has completely changed since I worked with him, and for that I'm forever grateful."
Jessica Gregory, Entrepreneur

"I have had many years of physical and emotional pain. I was also told I would never work again due to a severe auto accident, and I have struggled for years. I worked on all of these issues with the guidance of an incredibly gifted man, and my life has changed. Thank you Steven, you truly helped me to rebuild my life.  I am working, living and so happy again.

Judi Johnson, Entrepreneur, Sebastopol, California

“Shaman, magician, healer. I have never felt so much joy in the unraveling of self! Each session is so beautifully crafted and designed specifically for you. He is undeniably among the amazing few chosen to heal.”
-Tony Demartile, Founder, Solé Salon & Spa AVEDAEmeryville, California

“My experience with Steven has been life changing, and I don’t say this lightly.  
You will experience major break throughs and your life will change.  It is not easy in the moment. You will become a more succinct version of yourself, which ultimately brings deep, satisfying peace.”
-Tamara Albaitis, Entrepreneur / Artist, San Francisco, California

In the past 6 months, he's completely changed the way I relate to my physical body and in turn, my life. We've spent hours releasing the armoring I've created in my body, diving deep into the places that have been most locked down, painful or numbed out and using them as portals to the feelings I've pushed away. As we do so, memories of my youth rise up out of my unconscious, bringing insight, moving energy and releasing shame, sadness and anger.
I've been able to feel my emotions more profoundly than ever before.
Ben Hart, Director of Marketing, The Shift Network

"Grateful, hopeful, radiant, healed, and excited. A higher power lead me to him and I'm so thankful I took the leap of faith to work together. After 23 years of different therapies & treatments, he was able to access the core of my ailments to align my body, mind, and soul. If you're ready for a transformation, look no further! "

Lindsey Roberts, Sebastopol, California

"Since working with Steven, I've launched my first high-end program and am working with some amazing, inspiring women, I've met a wonderful man that I've started dating (after 2 1/2 years of being really, really, really single), and I feel like I'm forming a lot more close relationships in my life.

I'm feeling the walls I've had up for my whole life begin to come down.

Without Steven, so much of what I'm experiencing now wouldn't be possible."

-Anastasia Netri, Transformational Coaching for World-Changing Women

"The world seems like a different place after a session with Steven.

I feel trusted and trusting in his space and can allow my deepest, truest voice to be heard in his presence. 

He will nudge you over that small roadblock of your mind and help you to realize how easy (or difficult) it was to overcome. Then you will learn how glad you are to have gone through it. 

- Ben Frese, Project Manager, Surfer, San Francisco, California

I felt so safe & honored in that space. Steven is deeply respectful, sensitive and completely focused on getting your body, mind and soul in alignment. There is so much stored in our bodies from childhood and life experience that simply has to be released through this type of work.”

-Zoe Wild, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Oakland, California.

“Steven’s regression and re-patterning sessions helped me address the most powerful blocks and emotional traumas I had incurred throughout my life. Never have I been able to go so deep into my shadow or entrust anyone with that dark part of me until Steven began working with me.  Thanks to him, I’ve had access to more profound healing than any other practice I have tried.”

Mari McRoberts, Purchasing Manager at Excelsior SuperFoods

“Working with Steven was the catalyst to some wonderful personal healing and transformation in my life that has made me feel more accepting of myself, more present in my body and has allowed me to connect more deeply in my relationships. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing person and I could not recommend him any higher!”

Krista Durbin, Entrepreneur, San Mateo, California

“I am so lucky to have found Steven! He is very attentive, hearing, seeing, sensing and even knowing what and where your body needs healing. It is amazing what he has addressed that no other healer have even come close. So much has changed in my life and I have only had 4 sessions!

-Teresa Shen, Owner - Eastern Medical Center , San Ramon, California

“You are a marvel! You helped me clear things that I’d been struggling with for years. I really feel like a completely new person! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you.”

Anu Singh, Psychologist and Ultrarunner, Saratoga, California

I NEVER thought I would ever get to experience the kind of emotional release that I experienced through one session with Steven. With his supportive and calming coaching I was able to allow myself to release stored energy that had been weighing heavily on my heart and mind.”

Annika Olson, Account Executive at RxTE, Pleasanton, California

"After each session I felt like I had had a major breakthrough. I have now for the last year restored myself into the flow of life. I have been able to create my ideal life where I am pursuing my passions, traveling the world, enjoying greater physical and financial freedom, and am surrounded by the kind of love, I never imagined possible. Most of all in this journey, Steven was the kind, loving, witnessing presence, who helped me relax into my deepest being and allow myself to be, blossom, accept, and love myself."
Samanvitha Rao, Former Cisco Executive... now Adventurer / World Traveler, India