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(Preorder) The Gifted Bones - Releasing Trauma and Awakening
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The body is not what we thought it was. This book, long in the making, is a radical re-education regarding the anatomy and physiology of the body systems. In the unlearning, much healing happens. Knowledge arrives through life. This treatise will be threaded through the personal experience of the author, on his epic ‘stumble’ into the role of ‘alchemist of broken hearts and bones.’ A synthesis of life manual and literature. 


  • Esoteric anatomy lessons. 
  • Somatic strategies for releasing trauma & unwinding core patterns.
  • An analysis of the subtle and profound links between trauma and awakening. 

Poetry, science, spirituality, and memoir dance together in this intimate and transformative work. 

Release Date: Circa December, 2017. 

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(Preorder) Rapture - Sacred Intimacy as a Healing Path

Rapture is a manual of unlearning everything we’ve been taught about what love is supposed to be. It’s about showing up moment to moment as any kind of lover we choose. It’s about stripping away old stories and creating new and empowering ones. It’s about attracting and sustaining lovers that sing our soul song. It’s about coming into integrity in our hearts so that we attract people who celebrate us for what we are. And it’s about relishing the journey and embracing the eternal, confounding, sometimes frustrating mystery of it all. 


Poetry, love, sex, memoir, and science dance together in this intimate work which can feel like tumbling down the rabbit hole and loving fiercly all the way down. 


Intimacy is about leaning into another while remaining centered in yourself. 

Forget everything you think you know. Now we can play. 

Release Date Circa November 2017. 

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