Client Results

After just Hours Together. 

1. She was struggling to forgive her former partner...

As we worked on the issue, somatic memories of her earliest sexual memories arose, and they were traumatic, though she'd never considered them in that light. As we processed and cleared the memory, her body shed a layer of armor. She was projecting mistrust from her earliest encounter on every man she met.  We also worked on the throat and jaw, physically, to open up that channel and reclaim the voice. 

Bloom Outcome: she wrote us and let us know that she'd just met a man that was in touch with his emotions, after years of only attracting emotionally unavailable men. She was able to make embodied love 'for the first time in her life' (with complete awareness of her body). 

Timeline: Breakthrough after 12 hours of Bloom. 

2. She'd been struggling with an eating disorder 'forever.' 

She used food to reward herself after doing something beautiful, to punish herself after failing. It had become her primary comfort in life. After working physically on her viscera, while bringing awareness to the emptiness and connecting it to conscious awareness, we were able to touch upon the root of the issue, which years of therapy had missed. An archetypal or past life memory showed up. 

Bloom Outcome: Conquest of the issue. She wrote us in tears, saying that she pushed an unfinished plate of food away for the first time in her life.

Timeline: Breakthrough after 6 hours of Bloom. 

3. She'd been caught in a noncommital relationship for years... 

languishing in uncertainty, with a man who was deeply in love with her, and willing to co-parent her daughter. She could not commit, however hard she tried. As we worked on her shoulder, she realized that her father used to help her cross the street when she was a toddler, and he pulled her by that arm. He'd passed away and she'd never mourned. As we pulled the shoulder, a flood of tears; the emotion caught from the unmourned father had been blocking her potential for intimacy. 

Bloom Outcome: Marriage within a few months of session. Levels of happiness previously unknown.

Timeline: Breakthrough after 2 hours of Bloom. 

4. 9 years after her divorce, she was still bitter, angry, and single...

She was carrying herself in a guarded way, as she'd never forgiven her former husband. We cleared pain, anguish, and a torrent of rage from the belly and pelvic bones. She expressed her anger physically as she shouted. Her body softened and she felt the life force flow through her, from head to toe, for the first time in her life. The shutting down, we discovered, was not due to her husband... it had occurred long before that, in childhood. Her husband was just a way to surface it. 

Bloom Outcome: She was able to soften around her former husband, find compassion and forgiveness. Consequently, she wrote us in ecstasy to let us know that she'd met her 'soul mate' in the month following our previous session.

Timeline: Breakthrough after 12 hours of Bloom. 

5. She was mired in an unfulfilling job with little time or energy to engage her creativity or her passions.

She'd always been creative, and had had notions of starting a dream business and selling her custom clothing. As we cleared residual trauma around her past, and anger toward a relative, she was free to become the artist she'd always dreamed of being. Her father had been an artist, and somehow the idea had occurred to her that that was his thing, and she could never be as good. We eroded that story by clearing residual fight / flight energy from her legs and thighs. 

Bloom Outcome: She launched her business and sold her first piece within a month.

Timeline: Breakthrough after 6 hours of Bloom. 

6. She was suffering a string of painful illnesses, in an unfulfilling marriage.

Whenever her husband approached her intimately or with the suggestion of an adventure, she became ill. We discovered, as we adjusted her posture, that she'd learned in childhood that illness was the only way she could get the love and attention she craved. That belief was paradoxically destroying her marriage. As we corrected the posture, and cleared some of the thought patterns through deep conversation, the story lost its allure.

Bloom Outcome: Her husband called us and said, I walked into the dining room and saw her at the table... I didn't even recognize her. She looked different somehow. What did you do to her? And can you do it to me? Marriage suffused with new life. They have a baby now (after years of trying unsuccessfully), and she is free of the 'mystery illnesses.' 

Timeline: Breakthrough after 6 hours of Bloom. 

(Timelines include non-consecutive hours together). 

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