Frequently asked questions about the First Bloom Consultation™ and my work... 

What should I expect?

The unexpected…

Seriously though, we will begin with a conversation as I listen, watch, and intuit as you share your story. Sometimes we will progress into standing work where we’ll explore how the story is being held in your posture… how you have been carrying yourself in the world. I may make micro adjustments as you continue to tune in.

We will then progress from there based on what arises… sometimes into work on the table or the floor.

FYI: As we come into our body, emotions often run high. Tears often flow. We go into the fray to release what’s there, because what’s there is clouding the present moment. 

And because what’s on the other side just feels so good.

How long will the Bloom Consultation be?

Between 90 minutes and two hours. 

How much does the Bloom Consultation cost? 

The consultation is a risk-free way to explore some of the most powerful change-work on the planet. 

The first engagement, Bloom Roots, consists of 3 in-depth sessions. 

What happens after the Bloom Consultation? 

If we decide to move forward, I'll send you a proposal that outlines how I feel we would best work together. 

How long do you generally work with clients? 

I work with clients on custom timelines. Th initial engagement is generally completed within 3 months. 

What modality do you use?

I use tools that I’ve gathered from various practitioners, trainings, books and life experience to approach your issue from various angles at once. I use the concept of ‘embodiment’ to help you directly experience where you are stuck, and to help you release and experience the release. I call this the Budden Process™. We work with the Bloom Model™ as well.

How much does a session cost, or how much do you charge hourly?

After our consultation, I will send you a custom proposal with details, ensuring maximum benefits from the work. I don't charge hourly or per session. You should not have to make a financial consideration every time you may desire support from me. This allows me to put more time and energy into your unique case to create more comprehensive solutions

These are unique features of my practice, and one of the reasons you and I will be able to co-create such staggering results. Because pricing is based on a custom proposal, I am unable to provide fees up front. 

Where will we meet?

I meet clients in their home or office, as arranged. 

What do I need to do now?

You may notice resistance and possibly excitement showing up in various ways.

If you move through all of that and follow through, and make it to your consultation, your breakthrough is on the way.

I look forward to seeing you soon...

Looking forward... 


Steven Budden

Budden Enterprises