Dandelion Institute - Seeding New Beginnings™

Can I tell you a story. 

Not about me. About you. 

Not about where you've been, but about where you're going... 

About the stories you're going to tell... 

Welcome to

The Dandelion Institute. 

An organization with vast implications. 

Seeding new Beginnings™. 

The 12 seeds, once rooted in your life or your organization, create a clearing upon which you can build... anything. 

What you build is your choice and becomes your legacy. 


dandelion institute = possibility. 

Why 'dandelion'? 

Their flourishing 'happens', by merely surrendering to the element, in this case wind. In fact, expansion by surrender is built into their design. 

A weed, taken by something as gentle as wind, conquers the field. 

In other words, they cannot really be stopped. The spores are carried and take root wherever they land. 

Instead of trying to STOP or eradicate what already exists, we can nurture and redirect it.

So that it can contribute to growth and fulfillment.  

The common name 'dandelion' comes from the from French dent-de-lion, meaning "lion's tooth". 

The Seeds

Dandelion Institute - Seeding New Beginnings™