Welcome to the Expression Seed! 

Here I talk a little about the various modes of expression (sexual, verbal, somatic, intellectual), and how to relieve the system of congested, repressed energy, to live a more fulfilling life. 

This module is designed to give you a sense of where you are shutting down in your system, during key interactions, and a map to more expression, for deepening intimacy, more fulfillment, greater creativity, less disease, etc. 

Sometimes, all it takes to move from where you are, to where you want to go, is witnessing and expressing the unexpressed... as I say in the Bloom Manifesto and in the Flow Training Manual, 'Say the Unsaid.' 

This is one of my favorite seeds, because I grew up as an artist, and worked through most of my imbalances in creative ways. This training has not been lost, as I use it with clients in every situation; how to creatively express what is real? 

Please listen in and let me know what you discover, and show us what you create on FB.

I'll likely add a few distinctions and examples as we move through the week.

Love and expression,