- Steven Budden, CEO, Budden Enterprises


Dramatic improvements in key areas of life. Sustainable healing of chronic patterns and conditions. Enhanced creativity, intimacy, intuition. The unexpected. 

how does it tend to go?  

I begin every consulting relationship with an in-depth conversation / demonstration, in person (best), or via Skype (or similar) to determine how our work together will look. If I don't feel that my work will benefit you tremendously, we will not proceed. 

We will gather all of the relevant information to create a strategy that will support you in moving from where you are to where you want to go, complete with objectives, and a realistic timeframe. 

The initial consultation runs about 90 minutes. It may include body-based practices... touch-based postural analysis and adjustment, for instance, or floor work. I hone in on core themes via compassionate conversation, and then discover and release them where they are anchored in the body. 

Is it uncomfortable? 

The Bloom Process™ involves using varying degrees of pressure, and we may lean into sensations that feel uncomfortable. This is only if this will support in the breakthrough. I do not create discomfort, but rather bring attention to where it is already being carried in the body. So the more unresolved, unprocessed emotion you may be carrying, the more you may feel as it releases. Tears often flow during critical moments of release, accompanied by physiological trembling, sensations of hot and cold, etc. 

I am feeling drawn to this and also resistant?

This is a standard occurrence.  Your system has become comfortable with the painful patterns you've been living with, so any effort to heal those will invariably bring up some resistance, as the body leans back into what is comfortable. If you are feeling drawn, it is likely the intuition pulling you toward healing and a more expressed, more fulfilled way of being. The system is designed to support you in moving through the resistance, and support you in processing whatever arises... all you have to do is schedule the consultation and show up to initiate the process. 


Within 48 hours of the consultation, I will send you a proposal that outlines how I feel we would best work together; a hard copy and / or a digital copy via email. 


It varies. Significant progress usually occurs within the first few meeting; dramatic progress within the first few months. 

I read your testimonials. How are you able to create such dramatic results?

Clients often experience a version of 'awakening' during our work together, and this is accompanied by improvements in key areas of life. This is not a conceptual delivery of knowledge. I simply know how to facilitate getting in touch with this deeper knowing within yourself. I orchestrate direct interactions with consciousness. As we work this process in through each objective and strategy, this ensures waves of breakthroughs, clarity, and effective action. 

Also, we support during the integration process, and concurrently re-educate around the nature of consciousness, esoteric anatomy and physiology, and nutrition. This supports in anchoring in key shifts. 

For many clients, we also work in detoxification, which facilitates clearing out the detritus of the past, both emotional and physical. Approaching your issue from all of these angles at once ensures the most dramatic results possible within the timeframe. 

Custom proposals allow a unique approach to your particular file, based on your history, constitution, commitment, and response to the work. Only this level of attention to detail creates results when all other approaches have failed to satisfactorily address the issue.  

ARE THERE OTHER consultants or practitioners THAT DO offer the same approach as you? 

Unfortunately, there are not, though I am in the process of designing a training program for that in the near future.

Is what you do a known modality?  

No, and it is not the same as x, y, or z (though I have trained in many of those modalities). We call this the Bloom Model™. It is an advanced, original somatic strategy, and arguably the most effective strategy for treating trauma, relationship patterns, and mental patterns, in the world. 

What is your story?

It's a long and winding one. After a series of 'awakening' experiences culminated in a broken neck, I began an intensive journey of healing and trainings to facilitate healing in others, including somatic trauma release, hypnotherapy, dietary detoxification, counseling, intimacy work, birth trauma therapy, inner child work, etc. Most of my process comes from an intuitive connection with these principles that arose out of life experience, and many trainings anchored them in. 

I've been facilitating this process full time since 2011. I am also a creative in various capacities, and a writer. You can gather more about me from my various books and writings available on this blog and via amazon. 

what is your pricing structure?

I work with clients via custom proposals based on the value of the project. I don't charge hourly or per session or per day. You should not have to make a financial consideration every time you require my support or guidance. Similarly, I prefer not to consider time while working on your file, but only outcomes. When meetings run over or under the allotted time, there will be space for that. Our primary objectives are our main concern, not time, which is arbitrary. 

This is a unique feature of my practice, and one of the reasons clients and I are able to create such dramatic results. 

This is the foremost strategy in the world for creating lasting change, and orchestrating dramatic life enhancements, because it requires intense effort and focus on the part of the practitioner. Therefore, the fees constitute a significant investment, and the return on the investment is dramatic. 


Yes. I will never share what happens in a session without your permission. That being said, the most powerful testimonials come attached to the face and name of a real person, so if you are open to allowing me to post your testimonial on my website with your picture and real name, that can be tremendously valuable in spreading the work.

Also, for educational purposes, I sometimes refer to what happens in sessions in writings, in general terms. If I do I will change names and situations for confidentiality and simplify for clarity. 


As arranged. 


Go here and let us know a little more about what you are needing support with, and if we are a match, we will reach out to arrange scheduling. If you have already scheduled your consultation, simply follow through and the process begins. 

We are looking forward to connecting, and facilitating your wild unfolding. 

Love and bloom, 

Steven Budden


I am often away from the computer and phone. I check email twice per day, and I rarely use social media. I've found that my intuition is improved and sessions are more powerful when I take this approach. So I believe that by avoiding these distractions, I can serve you better. Thank you for your courage and understanding.