About Working with Me

What should I expect? 

Healing. Dramatic improvements in key areas of life. Chronic patterns lifting. Enhanced creativity, intimacy, intuition.

And... the unexpected.

We'll tap into your body consciousness and innate intelligence and allow that to guide us. During the process, some people notice memories or emotions arising based on what needs healing. 

How does a Bloom session tend to look?  

The initial Bloom session is a in-depth exploration of your world via the body and mind. It will include body-based practices... touch-based postural analysis and adjustment, for instance, and floor work. I hone in on core themes via compassionate conversation, and then discover and release them wherever they may be anchored in the body, through touch, guided awareness, movement, and other activities. 

How does the touch work? Will it hurt? 

As we talk, I'll guide the conversation based on what I feel needs to be addressed, and we'll process whatever emotions arise. I often coach around feeling more fully... patterns, in my view, signify that something is incomplete in your life, and we need to find ways to complete whatever that is. This can be uncomfortable, in the sense that most of us are unfamiliar with true vulnerability, which is deeply healing in and of itself. 

Using varying degrees of pressure, I will also physically touch into the places in your body that have collapsed or become disconnected. This is where the unconscious memories and unprocessed emotions are rediscovered. Reconnecting to these places, after years of neglect, may be uncomfortable.

We do this with the sole aim of healing in mind. Consider this... I do not create discomfort, I simply bring attention to where it is already being carried in the body. So the more unresolved, unprocessed emotions you may be carrying, the more you may feel as it releases. Tears often flow during critical moments of release, accompanied by physical trembling, sensations, memories, etc. 

All work is done fully clothed, sitting, standing, and then lying on a mat. It is best if you wear flexible clothing. We'll progress at a comfortable pace.

Fyi, I'll ask you to remove your shoes and socks. 

Why am I feeling drawn to this work, and also resistant?

This is common for a few reasons. 

We become comfortable with painful patterns over time, so any effort to heal those will invariably bring up some resistance, as the body leans back into what is comfortable.

The wounds develop something like an armor around them, and for these reasons we often shrink away from being touched. Touch itself, and opening to receiving touch, heals this over time and in layers.

I'm a man, so if there is an issue trusting men, or trust generally, that may show up initially (and usually passes quickly). 

Some people also fear their shadow, or what may come up. This is natural. This process is designed to support you in the discovery process. And the body intelligence will only release what the mind is ready to process, in my experience. 

If you are feeling drawn, it is likely the intuition pulling you toward healing and a more expressed, more fulfilled way of being. The system is designed to support you in moving through the resistance, and support you in processing whatever arises... all you have to do is schedule and commit to the process.  

I read your testimonials. Are they legit?

Yes. And they are only the tip of the iceberg. Quite a few of the most dramatic changes occurred in people that chose not to write testimonials, for whatever reason. 

It's really simple; giving one to one attention is an ancient, archetypal human act, which is very healing. Listening and witnessing without judgement is one of the most healing services that I can offer. And then, coupling this with therapeutic  touch magnifies the results. In every case, some new awareness or healing occurs. It's simply a matter of opening to it. 

After the initial stages, clients often experience a version of 'awakening' during our work together. This is natural, as you get to experience yourself free of your wounds. If you experience this even for a second, you know it is possible, and it can become life changing. 

This is not a conceptual delivery of knowledge. I simply know how to orchestrate experiences that put you in touch with you with yourself. Most of us live apart from what is real, from our wounds and scars. 

Custom proposals allow a unique approach to your particular constellation, based on your history, constitution, commitment, and response to the work. Only this level of attention to detail can create results when all other approaches have failed to satisfactorily address the issue.  

Do you run any sort of energy, like Reiki, etc? 

No, I simply put you back in touch with your own energy, by clearing anything that is blocking your natural flow. I clear by simply bringing awareness to a blocked area, through touch.

Religious, spiritual, and political beliefs are irrelevant to this process. However, if a belief is keeping you stuck, you'll likely notice that awareness in yourself, without my input. 

I am committed to creating sustainable results for you. This can only be done through your own awareness and effort. I don't impose my will on you, as this is counterproductive, and can limit results. I simply want to show you what you are capable of, and demonstrate one of my passions: the beauty of healing. 

Does anyone else do what you do? 

No, though I am in the process of designing a training program for that in the near future. My work grew out of a very unique set of experiences, followed by very unconventional trainings with eccentric masters, and countless hours of reading, meditating, and processing. Some modalities offer portions of what I do, but none that I know of offer as holistic a model. 

Is what you do a known modality?  

No. I call it the Bloom Model™. It is an intensive, original somatic strategy. I hesitate to use the word 'somatic', because most 'somatic' therapists are barely scratching the surface of what is possible through informed touch (because their training is limiting). 

What's your story?

After a series of 'awakening' experiences culminated in a broken neck, I began an intensive journey of healing and trainings to facilitate healing in myself and others, including somatic trauma release, hypnotherapy, dietary detoxification, counseling, intimacy work, birth trauma therapy, inner child work, etc. Most of my process comes from an intuitive connection with the principles that arose out of life experience, and then eccentric trainings anchored them in. 

I've been facilitating this process full time since 2011.

I am also a creative in various capacities, and a writer. You can gather more about me from my various books and writings.

Most of the testimonials are from women. Why? 

Over the years, I've worked with 85% women. When I put out the call, I was at first shocked that it was only women who responded.

This seems to be for a few reasons... women are generally more aware of their bodies, more in touch with their emotions, more open to deep self work. There are also many wounds, broken hearts, and betrayals from men / the patriarchy that need to be resolved. I stand in for the masculine archetype in these encounters, so that women can begin to reclaim their trust in men. My personally energy often puts women at ease, which allows me to do this challenging work. 

Is your work confidential?

Yes. I will never share what happens in a session without your permission. That being said, the most powerful testimonials come attached to the face and name of a real person, so if you are open to allowing me to post your testimonial on my website with your picture and real name, that can be tremendously valuable in spreading the work.

Also, for educational purposes, I sometimes refer to what happens in sessions in writings, in general terms. If I do I will change names and situations for confidentiality and sometimes simplify for clarity. 

What do I need to do now? 

Simply contact me to take the next step, and open to the next chapter. I'm looking forward to it. 

Love and flow, 


Steven Budden


I am often away from the computer and phone. I check email twice per day, and I rarely use social media. I've found that my intuition is improved and sessions are more powerful when I take this approach. So I believe that by avoiding these distractions, I can serve you better. Thank you for your courage and understanding.