It's not too late for the love you've always wanted. 

You know in your soul that so much more is possible for you, and yet you keep falling into the same patterns, again and again. Maybe you've tried to change the pattern, or you've analyzed it to death, and yet at the root nothing ever changes. 

Your heart aches for all the trying.

You're in the right place. 

Your experience of love is about to deepen profoundly. You're still mired in the patterns is because the approaches you've tried were either ineffective, incomplete, or didn't go deep enough. Probably all three. 

I am the sole practitioner of an original strategy that produces such powerful results that even your most entrenched patterns don't stand a chance. While other practitioners vaguely hope, I guarantee results. In fact, I'm the only one that does.

Others will say that love is such a complex topic, with so many moving parts, that a guarantee is impossible. I offer it anyway, and have for the past 7 years. No one has asked for a refund yet. 

Do any of these apply to you? 

  • You've been heartbroken by one 'failed' relationship situation after another.
  • You have your life together in general, but this 'relationship piece' never seems to fall into place. 
  • There's a gap (or a canyon) between your ideals of romance and intimacy and the relationships that you actually experience. 
  • You long for companionship, but wonder if it is worth the price you pay. 
  • You've settled for a love life that does not fulfill you because you can't imagine what else is out there. 
  • Certain intimate situations trigger falling out of your best self and regressing into familiar patterns.
  • You have trouble with boundaries; balancing space and closeness. 
  • You never truly commit; they never truly commit. 
  • You keep attract people that fit perfectly into certain patterns. 
  • The voices in your head are not making it any easier. 

Since 2011 I've been guiding people like you out of their most crushing patterns and into the best love of their lives.

Are you ready to break free and meet life and love with your whole body? 

I'll be your fearless companion, when you need one most. 

I work with individuals, in private sessions, using a radical strategy that combines therapeutic touch and compassionate conversation, to facilitate the deepest healing of your life within just weeks or even hours. Even after decades of therapy or countless self help gurus or modalities or shamans or plant medicine ceremonies or whatever else have failed to make the impact you'd hoped they would. Or if you're just ready for the next layer of healing!

I don't talk around issue for years or try to fit your patterns into some generic system. We will dive right in, through the mind and then the body, to uproot your most entrenched stories and your life will change in untold ways. 

I'll show you how you can experience this risk-free, but first, a few more details. 

“Shaman, magician, healer. I have never felt so much joy in the unraveling of self! Each session is so beautifully crafted and designed specifically for you. He is undeniably among the amazing few chosen to heal.”
-Tony Demartile, Founder, Solé Salon & Spa AVEDAEmeryville, California

The Mechanics of your Love Pattern

Your relationship patterns have their origins in the distant past. A long time ago, the first event in a series of events that were too much to bear, so a piece of you 'went away.' 

What doesn't work? 

Merely talking through the issues again and again rarely touches the core of the pattern or changes anything (as you might have noticed).

In order to truly free you from the patterns that keep showing up, you'll need to resolve whatever is incomplete in your system. 

You're here to shift love patterns, and that's what we'll do. Most approaches are a waste of precious time and resources. Life does not wait, so to honor your precious time, we'll dive as directly as possible, so that dramatic results happen quickly.  

When he walked into the house after work, he hardly recognized his wife. She was sitting at the breakfast table. What was it exactly? Were her eyes bright? Had her posture changed? Was it her hair? He fell in love again. 

He called me in tears and said, I don't know what you did to her. I didn't believe it was possible. Can you do it to me? 

I'd just met with her for our third session.  After years of an unfulfilling marriage, they had a child soon after, and the relationship was transformed. 

Stories like this are commonplace. I'm not interested  in superficial changes. I want you to consistently experience more and more intimacy at the level of depth that you deserve. I want your eyes to water with gratitude when you think of all of the love in your life. 

We will work diligently to discover and uproot stories like these: 

  • I was abused (emotionally or physically) so I am unable to fully trust anyone
  • My heart was broken (or still is) so I am afraid to love again
  • My parents did X or Y so I am destined to do the same
  • If anyone truly knew me, they’d know that I’m unloveable
  • X said Y when I was just a child, and I believed them
  • A parent was not affectionate so I cannot give or receive love
  • I keep recreating the relationships my parents had

"I'm feeling the walls I've had up for my whole life begin to come down. Relationship quote. 

Without Steven, so much of what I'm experiencing now wouldn't be possible."
-Anastasia Netri, Life Coach, Dublin, California

"I met the love of my life." Amy. 

I know that you've been through a lot. When I meet you, I'll be able to see exactly how much, before you even speak. 

While I honor your pain, I also honor your potential. I'm have complete faith in your ability thrive in a fulfilling relationship. 

Even if you've tried everything. Especially if you've tried everything.  
It's just a matter of finding and applying a strategy that actually works. 
And fortunately, fate guided you here, because this approach creates 

More dramatic results in less time
Than any other strategy in the world. 

"I've experienced years of panful illnesses" Brian. 

After 25 years. Lindsey. 

“Working with Steven was the catalyst to some wonderful personal healing and transformation in my life that has made me feel more accepting of myself, more present in my body and has allowed me to connect more deeply in my relationships. 
Krista Durbin, Entrepreneur, San Mateo, California

Your most painful "issues" in relationships are life lessons rising to the surface. 
It takes presence and patience in these pivotal moments to heal the patterns. I become a fearless companion in these critical moments, leading you exactly to where you need to be to heal your broken heart and to love again. 

Most people move through life without changing much at all. They just find ways to numb their discontent over the years. And of course, a life like that is intimately unfullfilling. That isn't you, or you wouldn't be here. 

Changing love patterns isn't easy. In fact, it's nearly impossible. This is why most people you and I know never escape theirs. Fortunately, that isn't you. 

Not only are you going to make dramatic progress, you're going to do it within the first few hours together, though it may take a little time for the changes to show up in your life. In case this sounds like hyperbole (and I understand if it does, because most practitioners are thriving on empty promises) I've created a risk-free way to experience this process for yourself before you ever make a commitment. And once you do, I guarantee results. 

The relationship is a manifestation of one or more of the stories you're carrying. You are, after all, a constellation of stories. \

“You helped me clear things that I’d been struggling with for years. I really feel like a completely new person! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you.”

Anu Singh, Psychologist and Ultrarunner, Saratoga, California

I'll support you in shifting your core patterns, not in your mind, but in your body... in your very cells, so that you are open to experience relationships that are: 

  • enriching
  • compassionate
  • safe
  • fulfilling
  • inspiring
  • sustainable
  • passionate
  • romantic
  • growth-oriented
  • built on trust
  • full of passion
  • fun
  • A relationship based on trust rather than fear and suspicion.

  • A relationship built on real intimacy.

First, we need to decode the sacred messages from your body, and clear out the past from your BODY and MIND. Some systems approach minuscule fragments of this equation, and so they offer incremental results, if any. They approach the symptoms. I approach the body and mind at once, in a way that is totally original, that washes out the past like a rushing torrent. 


As a short experiential example... think about your relationship troubles. Close your eyes and go right into it. You may not even need to, it my be so close to the surface. What emotions do you feel? Where in your body do you feel that knot? 

That's where the patterns emerge from. I can touch that place, go into it while you go into the emotions, and we come out the other side, complete. You are free of a layer of the pattern. Some people experience unconscious memories surface, or memories they hadn't thought of  in a long time. 

Experiencing it fully is the only way to heal it. 

The Strategy
A successful strategy for healing frustrating love patterns...  
Using a combination of touch, conversation, and compassionate listening.

Most practitioners and systems only approach a tiny fraction of this dynamic. 

You crave love.
(Actually, we all do. It's a human NEED). 

But if your BODY desperately wants to PUSH it AWAY, (because it is still 'fighting against' a past trauma, for instance) how can you reconcile the two? 

By clearing the pattern from your BODY. By letting your body 'push away', or complete what it needs to complete. 

Think of a pattern as an incomplete piece of your life.

It will keep showing up until you find or create completion around it. 

“My experience with Steven has been life changing, and I don’t say this lightly.  
You will experience major break throughs and your life will change.  It is not easy in the moment. You will become a more succinct version of yourself, which ultimately brings deep, satisfying peace.”

-Tamara Albaitis, Artist, San Francisco, California.

2 Powerful Case Studies 

How a shoulder was affecting a love life
(Taken from my book Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual)

Lucy was in her early twenties. She was complaining about a vague pain and a lack of mobility in both of her shoulders, as well as an “inability to cry.” She wondered if she “felt enough.” Even at her father’s funeral, she said, she hadn’t cried at all. These were signs that this might be a session focused on healing trauma.

I began to work gently around her body, getting to know how it moved and how it responded. I can do this work standing or lying down. In this case I worked with her lying on a table. I guided her breath as I explored and moved her joints.

I noticed a position of her arm where her breath stopped, and her forehead furrowed just slightly. If I would not have been hyper-aware, I might have missed it. I returned the arm to that position, gave a gentle tug. Her breath stopped. I encouraged her to resume breathing. As she did, a shudder, and a flood of tears.

“What happened for you?” I asked.
“My father passed away years ago,” she said. “And I never cried. He used to pull me by that arm when I was young, to cross the street.”
So she had connected the tissues around the that shoulder joint to her father. When we made this connection, and she was able to cry, the shoulder stiffness and pain vanished.

What's it have to do with love? 
Healing trauma can have far reaching effects. I like to say that our lives our like a hologram, and adjusting one area can ripple out into all areas of our life. Having released her emotions about her father, Lucy was able to begin to trust men again. She was married a few months later to a man who she had been with for years but had been unable to fully commit to.

In just hours, weeks, or months, your life could be completely different. 
Or it could be exactly the same. It just depends on what you choose to do between now and then. 

47% of Americans regularly make New Year's Resolutions, for instance. Only 8% of those follow through for any length of time. 

I offer these sessions to a select few, based on an application process. If you are a match, this is your chance. 

I never really trust enough to show people my whole self
I'm afraid of getting hurt
My body is in pain
I never feel really stable or secure, even though I 'know' I am
When I'm triggered, I Iose control
I get sucked into negative thought spirals
I'm not very in touch with my body
I don't cry, or my emotions are unpredictable
I must not really love myself
I don't really feel fully expressed
I keep stuffing emotions down and they're building up
I can't get ahead because I'm always just getting by
I don't really feel free
My relationships are fulfilling and authentic
I 'lean in' to vulnerability because it feels so good
My body is full of flow
I feel grounded, centered, and secure
My "triggers" are losing their power over me
When my mind goes into patterns, I calmly watch it
I am exquisitely aware of my whole body
Emotions come and go, and I honor them
I love and nurture myself
I AM fully expressed
Regular emotional flow keeps me light and free
I am excited to be growing in so many ways
I feel more free than I ever have! 

"I have had many years of physical and emotional pain. I was also told I would never work again due to a severe auto accident, and I have struggled for years. I worked on all of these issues with the guidance of an incredibly gifted man, and my life has changed. Thank you Steven, you truly helped me to rebuild my life.  I am working, living and so happy again.
 I have a desire now that I didn't even know existed, but I am grateful I found it."

Judi Johnson, Sebastopol, California

I'm Steven Budden.

I'm the founder of Budden, where I help extraordinary people (like you) release the past and Bloom into their full expression. 

I created this strategy because I've struggled so much in love myself. At one point, while drifting out in the ocean to find peace from a difficult partner, a Pacific wave swept in, hurtled me against the ocean floor, and broke my neck. I set out on an intensive healing journey, and to my surprise, the radical strategies I learned to heal that bone also radically altered the love patterns. 

When we ignore the whispers, which come to us through our patterns and our pain, we get screams. Soon after discovering radical somatic healing strategies that I could use on my bones, my heart was broken by an unfaithful partner. It was intense, and perfectly aligned. It inspired me to apply my somatic trauma release techniques to my emotional pain. So I set out to heal my deepest wounds. I became an alchemist of broken hearts and bones. 

Not only that, I experienced more aliveness, increased vitality, the surge of joy. The gateway to this work is often the painful relationship situation, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. First we'll relieve the discomfort, then transcend the pattern, and then life begins shifting in untold ways... as we begin hacking enlightenment. 

Personally, I believe in a Holistic Model
(You can't really LOVE beyond where you are in life)

A strategy that can truly impact your core love patterns must address: 

  • Whether you are in integrity in your life
  • Engaging in your passions so that you are fulfilled and connect with  kindred spirits.
  • The Physical Foundations of Health and Human Connection
  • Embodiment for Experiencing more Joy
  • Understanding your own Needs and Embracing your gifts
  • Balancing the various areas of your life
  • Healing your physical body
  • Honoring your Emotions
  • Diffusing the Mental Chatter before it destroys connection
  • Clearing projections about life and the world around you
  • CREATING A Loving and Nurturing Relationship with your Self
  • Healing and Releasing any past trauma
  • Intimacy as A Gateway to Self Knowledge
  • Seeing through Cultural Programming to decide what YOU actually WANT out of life

Otherwise it just won't work in the long run. 

Unsuccessful systems focus on 'what to do.'
Successful systems focus on 'what you ARE.' 

“Steven helped me address the most powerful blocks and emotional traumas I had incurred throughout my life. Never have I been able to go so deep into my shadow or entrust anyone with that dark part of me until Steven began working with me.  I’ve had access to more profound healing than any other practice I have tried. 
His ability to guide transformation is borderline genius."
Mari McRoberts, Scottsdale Arizona. Founder at Spira Institute of the Healing Arts

My strategy... 
I've been refining a holistic system that I believe is most direct path to your HEALING and BREAKING FREE. 

Because it releases those frustrating patterns from your body, mind, and spirit at the same time. 

Using a unique combination of touch and compassionate conversation...

(the ones that you've been suffering with for years) 

So you can break free and thrive. 

So you can experience more... 
Vitality: You'll have more ENERGY than you know what to do with. 
Clarity: Clear out some debris, and suddenly the next step is OBVIOUS. 
Healing: When you experience what I’m going to show you, your LIFE will change.
Courage: I’ll show you how to summon up strength when you need it most. 
Creativity: It can be a ritual that enlivens you. 
Wisdom: You'll experience YOUR UNIQUE TRUTH (through your own body). 
Presence: I'll show you how to meet each moment with your WHOLE BODY. 
Healing: You'll  move from tears of pain to tears of joy™. 
Intimacy: You'll begin creating moments of profound connection.
Leadership: You'll experience yourself as the born leader you are. 
Fulfillment: In relationships and in whatever you choose to do. 
Love: It will just deepen. 
You're in the right place. 
While some practitioners vaguely hope...

I EXPECT a beautiful breakthrough for you.
Ready to begin the exploration? 
Jump start your journey by filling this out...