Welcome to the Legacy Seed

You’re never walking alone. There’s an army behind you.  An army of ancestors. You, for whom we’re speaking about building a legacy, are in some ways the legacy of your own lineage. Consider all that your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents went through so that you could be where you are. 

We can architect a story that gives us direction, and focus, when the world goes dark. 

Legacy naturally aligns with purpose. As you surrender to your purpose, and let go of the desires of others, this naturally lends itself to defining your legacy; and as you define your legacy, it tends to become fulfilled as you embody your purpose. 

Let's expand the concept of what 'legacy means', so that, as we do the work we're meant to do in the world, we leave our mark for those yet to come. 

Love and legacy,

Steven Budden