Welcome to the Love Seed

Love is by no means a simple seed. We all come to it with our own vast histories; our own idiosyncratic belief systems. And yet we come to it as though it were something universal, that we’re simply ‘trying to get.’

Our objective here is to cut through some assumptions, and to perhaps challenge your previous belief systems that have been keeping you mired in a limiting perception of love. So forgive me if I offend, or if I rhapsodize. It's done out of love. 

Love has been one of my core inspirations in life, as perhaps it has in yours. The ideal of love, unconditional love, has always remained a constant possibility in my worldview, even as… especially as I tumbled down rabbit holes of the ego, and deceived myself in hilarious, sometimes tragic ways. 

The concept of ‘Love’ has also been one of my primary sources of anguish. As I clung to paradigms of love that I’d picked up from parents and cultural programming, and ignored the intuitive and instinctual signal flares exploding all around me, I suffered much. DO you know the feeling? We hold on for dear life, and pretend the ship isn’t sinking. Perhaps we’ve all taken some part in some version of this narrative. We are characters, dancing around, playing alternating roles in the drama, across lives and lifetimes; across landscapes and timelines. 

Root this seed well, and whoever you are with, and wherever you are... you will never want for love.