Love is simple. Our wounds complicate it. 

You know in your soul that so much more is possible, but you keep falling into the same patterns, again and again.  

Have you ever fallen in love with your whole body, mind, and soul? 

Your experience of love is about to change.

You're still mired in the patterns is because the approaches you've tried were either ineffective, incomplete, or didn't go deep enough. Probably all three. 

Do any of these apply to you? 

  • You've been heartbroken by one 'failed' relationship situation after another.

  • You have your life together in general, but this 'relationship piece' never seems to fall into place.

  • There's a gap (or a canyon) between your ideals of romance and intimacy and the relationships that you actually experience.

  • You long for companionship, but wonder if it is worth the price you pay.

  • You've settled for a love life that does not fulfill you because you can't imagine what else is out there.

  • Certain intimate situations trigger falling out of your best self and regressing into familiar patterns.

  • You have trouble with boundaries; balancing space and closeness.

  • You never truly commit; they never truly commit.

  • You keep attract people that fit perfectly into certain patterns.

  • The voices in your head are not making it any easier.

Since 2011 I've been guiding people like you out of their most crushing patterns and into the best love of their lives.

Are you ready to break free and meet life and love with your whole body? 

This is where you begin; the most direct path to your vision. 

I am the sole practitioner of an original strategy that consistently produces such powerful results that even the most entrenched patterns don't stand a chance. While other practitioners vaguely hope, I guarantee results. In fact, I'm the only one that does. 

Others will say that love is such a complex topic, with so many moving parts, that offering a guarantee is impossible. I offer it anyway. 

I work with individuals, in intensive, comprehensive private sessions, using a radical strategy that combines therapeutic touch, postural adjustment, and compassionate conversation, to facilitate dramatic breakthroughs within just weeks or even hours together. Even if nothing else has been able to budge the pattern.

Even if years of therapy or countless self help gurus or modalities or shamans or plant medicine ceremonies or workshops or whatever else have failed to make the impact you had hoped they would. 

Because I've walked a different path, in my training and in my life, I approach healing differently. I don't talk around issue for years or try to fit unique patterns into some generic system. I don't waste time with ineffective approaches. I see through wounds and scars to the true self, and I use radical strategies to uproot even the most entrenched stories from the body and mind.

Even after all hope seems lost, I still see the real you. 


“Shaman, magician, healer. I have never felt so much joy in the unraveling of self! Each session is so beautifully crafted and designed specifically for you. He is undeniably among the amazing few chosen to heal.”-Tony Demartile, Founder, Solé Salon & Spa AVEDA, Emeryville, California

You already know what doesn't work.  

Learning new concepts; setting goals; making vows; analyzing patterns to death; telling and retelling the same stories again and again; creating vision boards of your ideal partner, or listing out their qualities; changing locations, clothes, jobs, partners, etc. 

If you want to change and leap to a more fulfilling life, you need a completely different approach. 


"I released so many of the things that had been blocking me that I ended up meeting my soul mate."

Amy, Novato, California.

Most approaches, while well-intentioned, are mostly a waste of precious time and resources.To honor your precious time, (and my own), I created a system that gets you from where you are to where you want to be in the fewest meetings possible. 

When he walked into the house after work, he hardly recognized his wife. She was sitting at the breakfast table, and he walked by and had to do a double take. What? She asked, her eyes bright. What was it exactly? Had her posture changed? Was it her hair? He fell in love again.

He called me in tears. "I don't know what you did to her. I didn't believe it was possible. Can you do it to me?"

I'd just met with her for our third session. After years in an unfulfilling marriage, they had a child soon after, after years of being unable, and the relationship was free to blossom.

Stories like this are commonplace. I'm not inspired by superficial changes, and I don't offer them. People that desire that level of adjustment to the facade can find that anywhere. I am committed to you consistently experiencing more and more intimacy and love at the level of depth that you deserve.

I want your eyes to water with gratitude when you think of all of the love in your life. 

But first, we need to uproot stories like these from your reality: 

  • I was abused (emotionally or physically) so I am unable to fully trust anyone

  • My heart was broken (or still is) so I am afraid to love again

  • My parents did X or Y so I am destined to do the same

  • If anyone truly knew me, they’d know that I’m unloveable

  • X said Y when I was just a child, and I believed them

  • A parent was not affectionate so I cannot give or receive love

  • I keep recreating the relationships my parents had

I've met a wonderful man that I've started dating (after 2 1/2 years of being really, really, really single), and I feel like I'm forming a lot more close relationships in my life.

I'm feeling the walls I've had up for my whole life begin to come down.

Without Steven, so much of what I'm experiencing now wouldn't be possible."

-Anastasia Netri, Transformational Coaching for World-Changing Women

I know that you've been through a lot. While I honor your pain, I also honor your potential. I'm have complete faith in your ability to thrive in a fulfilling relationship. Even if you've tried everything. Especially if you've tried everything, because that is a sign of your commitment.

It's just a matter of finding and applying a strategy that actually works. And fortunately, fate guided you here, because this approach creates more dramatic results in less time than any other strategy. 


I have had fifteen years of difficult and painful illnesses and emotional struggles; I’ve been to doctors and healers and yogis and medicine men and nothing has had the impact that just a few sessions with Steven has had.

-Brian Bugh, Product Developer, San Francisco, California.


After 23 years of different therapies & treatments, he was able to access the core of my ailments to align my body, mind, and soul. If you're ready for a transformation, look no further! "
Lindsey Roberts, Sebastopol, California

Your most painful "issues" in relationships are life lessons rising to the surface. 

It takes presence and patience in these pivotal moments to really get the message, and heal the pattern. 

You need a fearless, trustworthy companion to lead you into and ultimately all the way through the emotions and the sensations connected to the pattern.

Most people move through life without changing much at all. They just find different ways to numb their discontent over the years. And of course, a life like that is intimately unfulfilling, and often ends badly.  

Changing love patterns isn't easy. In fact, with the way most approach it, it's nearly impossible. This is why most people you and I know never escape theirs. I have a list of clients, though, who are not only free of theirs, they are operating at a whole other level. And I include myself in that category. 

Not only are you going to make dramatic progress, you're going to do it within the first few hours together, though it may take a little time for the changes to show up in your life. You'll walk out of our first meetings with fundamental worldview shifts, a deeper understanding of the way you've been carrying your pain, and practical strategies for letting go so you can breathe and love again. 

In case this sounds like hyperbole (and I understand if it does, because most practitioners are thrive on selling well intentioned though ultimately empty promises) I've created a risk-free way to experience this process for yourself before you ever make a commitment.

And once you do decide to commit, and I accept you as a client, I guarantee results. 


“You helped me clear things that I’d been struggling with for years. I really feel like a completely new person! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you.”

Anu Singh, Psychologist and Ultrarunner, Saratoga, California

I'll support you in shifting your core patterns, not in your mind, but in your body... in your very cells, so that you open to experience intimacy that is: 

  • enriching

  • compassionate

  • safe

  • fulfilling

  • inspiring

  • sustainable

  • passionate

  • romantic

  • growth-oriented

  • built on trust

  • full of passion

  • fun

  • based on trust rather than fear and suspicion

  • built on real intimacy

If this brings up fear, welcome to the pattern rearing its head. I'll show you how to deal with that. 

My Story.

From fractured to whole. 

Steven Budden

I'm Steven Budden. When a series of awakening experiences culminated in a broken neck, I was compelled to begin following the signposts to my destiny. As I trained to heal this bone, I realized, with surprise, that when I touched people during therapeutic trainings, their deepest memories often arose, or waves of emotion. Instead of turning away from that, I embraced it, and embarked on a series of informal apprenticeships with masters. What was even more surprising was how much life could change during a seemingly subtle physical adjustment.

When clients walked out of the room, they walked out changed, in profound and often startling ways. And not only in the area upon which we were working, but in every area of life. Before that, I'd never really experienced the reality of a truly holistic view of life. My ideas about the body and its relationship to the mind were limited. These limitations manifested as a limited life. As I work with clients, I demonstrate this worldview, and it opens up huge vistas of healing and potential. 

Soon after discovering radical somatic healing strategies that I could use on my bones, my heart was broken by an unfaithful partner. It was intense, and perfectly aligned. It inspired me to apply my somatic emotional release techniques to my emotional pain. So I set out to heal my deepest wounds, I became an alchemist of broken hearts and bones. 

Over the years, I've supported clients in recovering from just about every kind of pattern, and in doing so, I've lifted myself out of my own morass of depression, poverty, and heartbreak. I love humanity, and my passion is facilitating the most beautiful breakthroughs imaginable. 

I'm don't know more than you, and I don't claim to be superior in some way. What I do know how to do is to clear your distortions, so that you truly be who you are, and do what you came here to do. 


“My experience with Steven has been life changing, and I don’t say this lightly.
You will experience major break throughs and your life will change. It is not easy in the moment. You will become a more succinct version of yourself, which ultimately brings deep, satisfying peace.”

-Tamara Albaitis, Artist, San Francisco, California.

Examples of an approach that is truly effective.

How a shoulder was affecting a love life...

(Taken from my book Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual)

Lucy was in her early twenties. She was complaining about a vague pain and a lack of mobility in her right shoulder, as well as an “inability to cry.” She wondered if she “felt enough.” Even at her father’s funeral, she said, she hadn’t cried at all. These were signs that this might be a session focused on healing trauma.

I began to work gently around her body, getting to know how it moved and how it responded. I can do this work standing or lying down. In this case I worked with her lying on a table. I guided her breath as I explored and moved her joints.

I noticed a position of her arm where her breath stopped, and her forehead furrowed just slightly. If I would not have been hyper-aware, I might have missed it. I returned the arm to that position, gave a gentle tug. Her breath stopped. I encouraged her to resume breathing. As she did, a shudder, and a flood of tears.

“What happened for you?” I asked.

“My father passed away years ago,” she said. “And I never cried. He used to pull me by that arm when I was young, to cross the street.”

As I tugged gently on the arm, a flood of tears. She had connected the tissues around the that shoulder joint to her father. When we made this connection, and she was able to cry, the shoulder stiffness and pain vanished.

What's it have to do with love? 

Healing the root of difficult emotional experiences  can have far reaching effects. Having released her emotions about her father, Lucy was able to begin to trust men again. She was married a few months later to a man who she had been with for years but had been unable to fully commit to.

Another example.

Adjusting a foot to heal a lifetime love pattern (in an hour)

Recently, a woman came to me beaus she was caught in the aftermath of a long-term, extremely painful relationship. They were separated, but she still felt nauseous at the mere mention of moving forward. After listening carefully to her story, she was astounded when I kneeled down, and began adjusting her right foot. 

From the feet, I could tell that she'd faced severe trauma as a child, and had not processed it much yet. The toes were crowded together and were unable to spread and find the earth, the arches had collapsed, and there was a lack of flow to the blood vessels, indicating that a kind of energetic amputation had occurred. 

As I made these adjustments, tears of grief poured from her regarding the passing of her father when she was still just a child. She sat up, changed. Almost a lifetime of restrictions had been lifted. We'd spent an hour together. 

Because the right foot is associated with the masculine ,the release changed her dynamic to her former partner. Within 2 weeks, she was completely at peace with him, they spoke amicably again, and she could be with him at her daughters' events without being triggered at all. She told me... 'I can't even imagine why I kept falling into his darkness.' 


Stories like this are commonplace here. 

In just hours, your life could be completely different.

You just need to shift to a strategy that actually works, and make the required commitment. 

Otherwise, in a year, your life will likely look exactly the same (except you'll be a year older). It just depends on what you choose to do between now and then. 

In truth, as one individual, I can only work with a handful of clients per year. In a world where so much is digitized and diluted, I choose to commit my time and energy to this inspiring in-person, one on one work. 

If you are a match, this is your chance to change... 


  • I never really trust enough to show people my whole self

  • I'm afraid of getting hurt

  • My body is in pain

  • I never feel really stable or secure, even though I 'know' I am

  • When I'm triggered, I Iose control

  • I get sucked into negative thought spirals

  • I'm not very in touch with my body

  • I don't cry, or my emotions are unpredictable

  • I must not really love myself

  • I don't really feel fully expressed

  • I keep stuffing emotions down and they're building up

  • I can't get ahead because I'm always just getting by

  • I don't really feel free


  • My relationships are fulfilling and authentic

  • I 'lean in' to vulnerability because it feels so good

  • My body is full of flow

  • I feel grounded, centered, and secure

  • My "triggers" are losing their power over me

  • When my mind goes into patterns, I calmly watch it

  • I am exquisitely aware of my whole body

  • Emotions come and go, and I honor them

  • I love and nurture myself

  • I AM fully expressed

  • Regular emotional flow keeps me light and free

  • I am excited to be growing in so many ways

  • I feel more free than I ever have!

"I have had many years of physical and emotional pain. I was also told I would never work again due to a severe auto accident, and I have struggled for years. I worked on all of these issues with the guidance of an incredibly gifted man, and my life has changed. Thank you Steven, you truly helped me to rebuild my life.  I am working, living and so happy again.
 I have a desire now that I didn't even know existed, but I am grateful I found it."

Judi Johnson, Sebastopol, California

I'll reply with details, and send you a complimentary overview of this powerful work.


Thank you for taking the time to explore your great unfolding. I look forward to potentially collaborating. 

Love and bloom,

Steven Budden


“Steven helped me address the most powerful blocks and emotional traumas I had incurred throughout my life. Never have I been able to go so deep into my shadow or entrust anyone with that dark part of me until Steven began working with me. I’ve had access to more profound healing than any other practice I have tried. His ability to guide transformation is borderline genius."

Mari McRoberts, Scottsdale Arizona. Founder at Spira Institute of the Healing Arts