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Are you playing this week? This is fundamental for the healing process, because it is a reconnection to the child in you, the inner child, as it were. 

Hopefully, you went through the lesson, and did some variant of the Somatic Soul Retrieval process. And, perhaps you hung a picture of your younger self somewhere, or created an altar. 

Write a Letter

You can also write a letter to that young version of you, using the voice of the time.  Sometimes, it is helpful to do this with the non-dominant hand, so it slows you don’t, and accesses other parts of the brain. 

The point is to get in touch with the arts of you that plays. 

‘In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.’ Friedrich Nietzsche (excuse the nonsensical patriarchal programming). 

So how do we bring up that inner child, and give her / him what she / he needs?

Play is not only about re-igniting childhood passion and curiosity. It is also about becoming free. 

Finding Freedom in your Body

The spine is the core of this life experience. I experienced in a Vipassana retreat once (the purported 'original' teachings of the Buddha', many layers of trauma laid over the spine. As each released, there seemed to be another layer. It was an ongoing exploration; no end in site. What I realized was that there is no freedom without the spine becoming free. This has been alluded to in Yoga by various teachers, however the systems of Yoga that come to us are generally incomplete. Yoga is a vast system of life understanding, of which the asanas, or body postures, are only one. Only a holistic (whole life considered) practice is capable of healing. 

The spine connects the nervous system to various glands and organs, and the glands are associated with chakras. The chiropractic system is flawed because it is again considering the body as a machine, divided into parts that can malfunction. The various areas of the spine are connected to various organs and musculo skeletal systems, though not always in ways we've been taught. Sometimes, a bone shifts in my neck, and I'll have a cough for a week, and as the cough clears, another bone is free to move behind the heart. In other words, the relationship is complicated. 

Here is the standard accepted view:

Spinal Nerves

Again, it doesn't really matter what the individual symptoms are, because we'll be 'working' on the whole. 

I’ve worked with clients, in freeing up the spine around the psoas (see the Esoteric Anatomy of the Psoas), and afterwards they were able to see ‘inexplicable’ phenomena. For one client, it was seeing what she perceived as ‘ghosts.’ She’d seen them as a child, and not since, which was curious to me. Simply opening up the spine, opened the body for the flow of the life force, and this almost always associates with enhanced intuition. Another client mentioned a chiropractic adjustment, and afterwards he saw auras for a few weeks, until the spine settled back into its old rhythm. 

I should note that in my belief systems, these ‘phenomena’ are not unusual or unnatural, they are simply not-nourished. Most children have experiences such as these, and they learn, through acculturation, to ‘unsee’ them. Hugh Milne, pioneer of Cranial Sacral, mentioned in his book  Heart of Listening Volume 1, that he used to draw his little human figures with a white space around them, and would not color right up to the contour lines. The teacher came up and said ‘you’re drawing it wrong… fill in the color right up to the figures.' He did it, and he never saw auras again. 

If this sounds like a sad story, perhaps it is. Perhaps there is something to mourn. 

The purpose of this healing work is to open the channels to what you truly are, without resistance. This could manifest as gifts that show up in a variety of ways. 

Do you remember your gifts… the ones that were clear before the ‘stiffening’ happened? What were they? 

Sometimes, connecting to the 'child you were' and still are opens them up again. Just sitting and considering the ways you used to see the world will give you glimpses into that. Sometimes it takes more. 

Free up the Spine

Freeing up the spine will connect you to your fullest expression, pure and simple. We’re going to go more into this in other seeds as well.

For the moment, I suggest moving your spine every morning and night. I do something that I learned in Tai Chi, called ‘wag the spine’, where I literally wag it like a snake. It takes time to explore and discover where you may be bound up. At certain points, you may need to slow down, or stretch, or twist gently. It takes time to open up and more time to condition the new awareness. It even takes some time to tune into the spine. 

Here is a little glimpse of what may eventually be possible. 

Every disease or wound manifests as either a stiffness or a limpness. We are aiming for full flexibility. 

I generally move the spine back and forth on one axis, and then forward and back, and at any angle. 

People move the spine in fragments, generally. On our journey, we are moving from fragmented to whole, so we need to  find the way to move the whole spine. Chances are, the neck is stiff, the spine behind the heart is stiff, and the lower back is stiff, so the vertebrae between those take on more of the burden. 

You can likely correlate the spinal inflexibilities with your symptoms. 

Movement is one of the keys to this reclamation of freedom. So make it a dance, and play with your spine. Get to know what your body is capable of. 

The other key is dietary cleansing and a clean diet. This frees up the spine like nothing else, by alkalizing and hydrating the tissues. I will give you the keys to that next week. 

Here is a clue, from an article I wrote recently:

Healing Trauma and Disease through Fruit Diet

The Esoteric Anatomy of the Abdomen

From fragmented to whole… The psoas muscle is the channel that connects the upper to the lower half.  If you look at a baby, they use their body in remarkable ways. They are embodied. Over time, we become more and more head / centered, and more and more top heavy. 

This is an invitation to find your feet again. Those young feet that could run and dance, painlessly. If you had feet issues as a young child, life may not have been emotionally or physically stable, and you may be claiming that possibility for the first time. 

Here is the Esoteric Anatomy of the Abdomen

It's possible to release trauma from the psoas  individually with yoga asanas and TRE, which is a useful modality, as well as the spinal movements. And dietary cleanses heal the abdomen, and release the physical debris that tethers us to the past. 


Love and play ,