Play Seed - Bloom Model - Steven Budden

Welcome to the week of PLAY!

First, let's uncover a little about what Play means, so we can redefine it and use it for our deepest healing and transformation. You may want to refresh by reading the Play Section in the Bloom Manifesto

And then listen to the lesson below.  

It includes:

  • Redefining Play
  • Somatic Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Lost Pieces of Yourself
  • Standing in Flow: Foundations for the Acts of Play
  • Creating an Altar to your Younger Self
  • Much more. 

Let me know if you have questions. Let us know how this impacts your life.

I'm going to deliver a few more resources throughout the week, including some esoteric anatomy, and a video tutorial on standing, and I can answer your questions in those as well.  

This is the Play Seed. Let's see what it grows into.

Enjoy the journey! 

Love and Play,