Laying the groundwork for rooting the seeds. 

Activity: An Ode to your Former Suffering - Listing your Symptoms

Here, at the onset of our healing journey, I encourage you to create a list of your symptoms. I’m going to talk for a moment about what this means, because it  is in no way self evident. And yet, the way you’re already created the list in your mind, unconsciously, is profoundly impacting your reality. 

This is an unfolding process. Please listen to this guideline for this practice: 


Here's my example...

Steven Budden - Ode to Prior Suffering

Notice how some symptoms were 'understood' in another context... certain ones became 'Alignment Meters', letting me know when I was doing something my body was responding to. When I ceased those, the symptoms ceased. 

A BLOOM Journal Practice

Many of you already have a journal practice. I encourage you to start and keep a Bloom Journal. Please find or purchase a smaller, portable, sturdy journal that you carry around to record your experiences. You can also integrate it into a journal practice you already have. Stanislav Grof recommended a COEX journal. 'A COEX System (Systems of Condensed Experience) is a concept coined by Grof (1976) to describe the way the human brain organizes its experience. A COEX is basically a set of related experiences organized around a powerful emotional center.'

You can use this to record breakthroughs as needed. During modules or in the clearings between, you might experience massive waves of clarity for your life direction, or next steps for your healing, and you’ll want a way to capture those, so that you can return to it later, and connect the dots.

It can be helpful to be loose with how it is organized, and to use mind maps, drawings, doodling, scrapbooking, perhaps alongside writing, so that you can reach toward healing in many different ways. Simply writing is what we are indoctrinated in to, generally, and some people have 'sketch books'... I encourage you to find ways of expression that are uniquely you. These scribblings will also also become potent fuel for creative work In the future.

Love and Bloom.